Planting Media

Planting Media
    • Cocopeat

      KSh550.00 (Exclusive of 3% Service Charge.)

      Coco Peat A lot of soils are contaminated and plants need a growing medium to help them with healthy growth. We provide an alternative to soil, Cocoa peat. Helps give your crops uniformity and a good start. Cocoa peat-made with coconut husks, is used as a replacement for traditional peat…

    • Seedling Trays

      KSh115.00 (Exclusive of 3% Service Charge.)

      Seedling Trays We provide farmers with innovative ways of planting and growing high value crops, no matter the soil/environmental condition. Planting seeds on trays has many benefits compared to directly on the ground: • 99%-100% of the seedlings will be transplanted, • Pest and disease management is easy, • High…

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