Greenhouse Farming Training In Kenya


Our comprehensive greenhouse farming training in Kenya is provided as a free service to all our greenhouse farmers. As a greenhouse construction company in Kenya, our well trained agronomy team provides a detailed crop production manual to the farmer. This is when greenhouse construction commences. A physical visit will be on site where the training continues while the greenhouse is under construction.

Greenhouse Farming Training In Kenya; Steps

  1. Soil analysis. We train a new greenhouse farmer how to conduct soil sampling at the site. The soil test once done in a laboratory, the results are studied by our agronomy team. From these results, we establish a nutrition program, and choose the right seed variety for the crop. A tomato grower will have a different nutrition regime from a strawberry grower. A tomato grower on bacterial wilt infected soil will grow a tolerant variety, than one without.
  2. Water analysis. This test is for locations where the water  is saline. It guides the farmer on the amount of salts presents (particularly sodium salts). It determines if the targeted crop will withstand them
  3. Seed selection. We advise on the right seed based on; the target market, soil type and condition, altitude, and the grower’s budget
  4. Fertliser and manure regime. This is as per the soil analysis report.
  5. Pesticide program. The agronomy team provides a preventative, and protective spray schedule. The grower learns; scouting, pest and disease identification, and greenhouse phyto-sanitary practice.
  6. Irrigation management. We train on how, and when to irrigate the crop at various growth stages. Other details are; drip irrigation management, and fertigation where necessary.
  7. Crop training. When and how to prune, stem training before and after bearing
  8. Pollination. Management practises to enhance pollination for both self pollinated crops (tomato, capsicum, cucumber), and cross pollinated crops (strawberry, herbs)




A detailed text, and pictorial instruction manual is provided for every step above. Free assessment and training field visits are done twice a month over the first four months during the season.

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