Greenhouse Polythene Price In Kenya

Grekkon Limited’s greenhouse polythene price in Kenya depends on the level of treatment on the paper. Higher treatment equals a higher greenhouse polythene price in Kenya. Our greenhouse paper is available as clear or yellow in color. It isĀ  an integral part of our greenhouse materials. This is why a grower must understand how to choose greenhouse polythene when procuring a UV treated greenhouse polythene cover. Ultra violet (UV) treatment blocks the harmful UV sun rays from reaching the crop surface.

Greenhouse polythene price in Kenya; how to select the right one for your crop

  1. Crop type. Different crop types have different light requirements

1.1. Fruiting type. Tomato, pepper, strawberry, cucumber require more light to make food to support fruiting. Have a clear polythene greenhouse cover for more light

1.2. Vegetative crops. Leafy vegetables, herbs and spices will produce well in less light than in 1.1. above. Clear or yellow polythene works

1.2. Mono color flowers. Yellow polythene intensifies petal color for mono color roses and other flowers. This increases their marketability

1.4. Bi or multi color flowers. Construct with clear polythene for with this crop


2. Disease incidence

Crops such as; tomato, pepper, strawberry, cucumber, roses, carnations, chrysanthemums and many others are susceptible to blight. This is when moisture remains on their leaves. For such, your greenhouse polythene sheet will have anti-drip treatment. Anti drip treatment prevents dew droplets from forming on the paper when moisture condenses. These drops cause fungal infections when they drip on the leaf surface of the crop. Anti-drip treatment is available for both clear and yellow paper types

3. Budget

The anti-drip treated greenhouse polythene paper more expensive. However, it saves the grower more money, as a result of less fungicide application

The paper choice applies to any greenhouse structure; wooden or steel. This is true also for any greenhouse size

Greenhouse paper price

I. Kes 80/M Sq with UV treatment only

II. Kes 120/M Sq with anti drip additional treatment

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