We design and construct custom greenhouses in Kenya for both none food and food crops. Our none food greenhouses are for flowers such as ; roses, carnations and chrysanthemums, and herbs such as geraniums, mint, basil, rosemary and lemon grass.

Our food crop greenhouse consists of such self pollinating crops such as greenhouse indeterminate tomato, peppers and cucumbers, and also for insect pollinated crops like straw berries. These are high value crops that require intense attention and protection from pestilences such as; hail, drought, pest, disease, storms and cold.

Besides the crop type, we tailor our greenhouses designs according to climatic zones.


Our galvanised steel greenhouse structures are made to withstand strong winds and storms. Every structure is tailored to the farmer’s specific need according to crop type or climatic zone. We pay keen attention to the light requirement of each crop when choosing what polythene type to use. A farmer growing red roses will have it under a yellow polythene cover, while a farmer growing bi color, multi color flowers, herbs or vegetable fruit crops will have a clear polythene over the crop.

Farmers in cool highland zones will have a tunnel type greenhouse constructed because it conserves heat, while those in the warm lowlands will have a vented type greenhouse that allows better cooling.

Our sizes range are small, medium and large

  1. Small
  • 8m by 15m
  • 8m by 24m
  • 8m by 30m
  • 8m by 40m

2. Medium

  • 16m by 24m
  • 16m by 30m
  • 16m by 40m

3. Large- from 800meters square

With every greenhouse purchase, we provide a kit that consists of; seedling trays, coco peat, fertiliser (planting and top dressing), insecticides (long and short PHI), fungicides (preventive and curative), personal protective equipment (googles, gas mask, overall suit, gloves, and gumboots) and a 20 liter knapsack sprayer.

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