Solar Surface Pumps by Grekkon Limited


Solar surface pumps

Solar surface pumps by Grekkon Limited are designed to pump water from shallow wells, rivers, lakes, ponds and shallow water reservoirs. These surface solar pumps are ideal in off-grid locations. They are helpful too in the management of electricity costs resulting from water pumping. Grekkon Limited’s solar pumps pump water from depths at 10M or 33 feet. They work in agricultural irrigation on small sized farms, or for domestic use at home. We supply various models according to manufacturers’ specifications. Every pump has a pressure versus water discharge flow rate graph. This graphic is an illustration of the relationship between the two parameters of the pump. It is the basis of the pump selection and clients will understand it before procurement. Grekkon Limited’s solar technicians provide an interpretation to unfamiliar buyers for them to make an informed choice when buying.

Product specifications

Each pump has a head of 12M or 1.2bar which makes it a low pressure pump. ‘Head’ is a description of how how the pump pushes up the water vertically at maximum power. It is a measure of pressure. Under clear skies, users receive 3,000 liters per or 3 cubic meters of water per hour. The average pumping time is 6 hours, so on a sunny day, users have about 18,000 liters or 18 cubic meters of water per day. These pumps have an option of direct current (DC) which is what they work with when solar powered. Or alternating current (AC), which allows use of electricity. Grekkon Limited supplies and also installs solar surface pumps across east Africa.

Visit our stores to acquire yours at Amrash Business Park, Utawala in Nairobi along the eastern by-pass. At Kaburwo area, along Kisumu road in Eldoret, and at Wisdom house, Addis Ababa road in Nyeri in Tazama area.

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