diesel water pumps

diesel water pumps
Petrol Water Pumps

Grekkon Limited supplies portable petrol water pumps from various manufacturers in Malaysia, Japan, and the UK. These petrol water pumps models feature open impellers suitable for pumping lightly silted water which is common in most farms. Our petrol water pumps have a four-stroke air cooled engine which excels in pumping…

Irrigation Water pumps

Irrigation Water pumps Grekkon Limited supplies the best models of irrigation water pumps. Our irrigation water pumps drive irrigation water under higher pressure. We categorize them by role, by placement and by power. Categorization https://grekkon.com/water-pumps/ https://www.facebook.com/pg/grekkonlimited/posts/?ref=page_internal

Solar Surface Pumps by Grekkon Limited

6 Solar surface pumps Solar surface pumps by Grekkon Limited are designed to pump water from shallow wells, rivers, lakes, ponds and shallow water reservoirs. These surface solar pumps are ideal in off-grid locations. They are helpful too in the management of electricity costs resulting from water pumping. Grekkon Limited's…

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