Electric Booster Pumps

Electric Booster Pumps

Electric booster pumps by Grekkon limited are available in various capacities, according to the water flow rate and pressure rating. These electric booster pumps are all lightweight, portable steel models designed to work above surface only.

What to consider in electric booster pumps

  1. Head. This is the pressure rating provided in meters. It is a measure of how high the surface booster electric pump pushes up a given volume of water vertically at a ninety degrees angle. Your pump from Grekkon Limited will have the head indicated, and tied to a specific water volume discharge rate. For example 3 cubic liters per hour at 35M.
  2. Flow rate or discharge rate. This is the volume of water the pump evacuates at its maximum pressure. The larger the electric booster pump, the greater the discharge rate.

All electric booster pumps by Grekkon Limited use single phase power supply. They have an inlet and outlet water pipe either as ½ inch, ¾ inch, and 1 inch. Electric connection is to a 240kV power output.

Booster pumps low pressure and water volume capacity limits their use as to pump water for small irrigation acreage or for domestic use. In irrigation, they are used to power a short series of impact sprinklers, and also to evacuate water from a reservoir or tank. They are economical to use because they have low electric power costs and are free of maintenance service. Grekkon Limited’s electric booster pumps are easy to install, they are designed for easy and quick installation just like a home electric appliance.


Our technical team advises growers on the right pump model to use based on; acreage, crop water requirement and available water piping. These pumps are available in any of our outlets in Nairobi, Eldoret and Nyeri. Visit us or call us for purchase and supp



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