Bird Nets
Bird Nets
Bird nets by Grekkon Limited

Bird Nets

How to use your bird nets

  1. In the greenhouse

    Bird nets are side netting in greenhouse structures to prevent bird pest entry. Bird nets are in this specific greenhouses where the crop requires insect pollination to fruit, such as strawberries.

  2. Shade house

    As a side netting for shade houses, just as in a greenhouse. To keep away flying and none flight bird pests.

  3. Fish pond cover

    To protect fish from kingfisher birds in aquaculture. It is the largest use of bird nets in the country so far.

  4. Fence

    As a fence and top netting in free-range chicken raring. You will have a bird net as a fence and top netting on a small kitchen garden to keep off chicken and bird pests

Grekkon Limited’s bird nets price in Kenya is Kes 65 per meter square. We supply all over e. Africa. A full roll is 50M by 4M which is 200 meters square.

Choosing bird nets by color

The use of these nets is relatively new in Kenya. However, with intense agriculture systems growing in the country, their demand increases every year. We supply green or white nets as preferred by the user. White nets reflect back excess heat so prevent the accumulation of high temperatures in a structure or fish pond. Use in warm low land locations. Green nets reflect less heat and are good in cool highland locations.

Netting is one of the most common and utilized bird control methods. It physically blocks pest birds from the desired areas. Installation must be done well not to trap birds inside. Only block them from getting in. We train farmers on the proper installation of these nets to avoid damage and tearing. This also reduces the net’s overall lifespan. Grekkon Limited encourages the use of profiles and wiggle wire during installation for this. No nailing should be done directly on the net, and excess weight must be avoided.

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