Foggers for KTDA Factories


Grekkon Limited in partnership with the Kenya Tea Development Authority (KTDA) pioneered the installation of foggers. This is in 3 factories located in the Mt Kenya region of central Kenya. Foggers for KTDA factories are in; Micimikuru, and Githongo tea factories in Meru county. Weru tea factory in Tharaka Nithi county has the latest installation.  They will enhance the quality of fermented tea output. Our 4-way foggers discharge 10- 30 micron diameter water droplets. These water droplets remain suspended which evaporate over the tea surface. It prevents the tea from losing moisture to warm air above by creating 98%  humidity above it.


Foggers for KTDA Factories; they work in tea fermentation

The humidity in the air above the tea leaf surface on the CTC affects the rate of evapotranspiration. When the air is warm, the leaves lose their moisture which lowers the output quality after fermentation. The use of fog and mist over the tea leaves surface increases humidity and reduces the air temperature. This drastically lowers moisture loss from the tea leaf surface. Our foggers are in intervals along the entire length of the CTC to create a complete cloud-like cover.

How is the fog produced?

We use a pressure electric pump, distribution piping, and nozzles that break the water stream into very fine droplets. To get the 10- 30 micron diameter water droplets, we use a pressure of 4 bar or 40 meters head. Our 32mm HDPE pipes carry enough water for all CTCs in a factory. These 4-way foggers have anti-drip check valves to prevent dripping after the system is shut. Water dripping on the fermenting tea lowers the final quality of the tea. To prevent sediments from clogging the foggers, we have installed a filtration system to keep them off.

Grekkon Limited’s highly trained technicians will install these fogging systems in Kenyan tea factories as demand rises.

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