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Grekkon Limited’s HDPE dam liner calculator in Kenya  is an easy to use formulae for liner measurements. We guide growers on their liner selection and area size calculation for water pans and tanks, be it for crop irrigation or fish rearing ponds.  Having the right size ensures that installation works are easily done, you get value for money, and that there is no excess unused liner material lying about. The size of  the liner material is the same irrespective of the thickness of the dam liner.

What is a good thickness for a dam liner?

Below are the factors that determine the choice of liner thickness

  • size of the reservoir. The larger the capacity, the thicker the liner needed to hold the large water weight
  • surface texture. smooth surfaces (soil or cemented surfaces) are for the 0.5mm thick dam liner. Surfaces with murram or small stones with the 0.75mm thick liner, and those with stones or rocks with the 1mm or thicker liner. This is because the thicker it is, the harder it is to tear

Liner by Grekkon Limited

Your choice of calculator depends on the shape of the water pan or tank

How Are Dam Liners Calculated?

Before determining the dam liner size, one must understand the size of the reservoir or tank. This is by measuring the length, width, and depth/ height (for rectangular or square shaped reservoirs/ tanks). For circular or cylindrical tanks/ reservoirs, measure the diameter, and the depth/ height. The reason this is key is because our dam liner material comes in rolls. To make out the shape of the water pan or tank, the dam liner is cut  in large bits from the roll and joined together. This is to create the 2 dimension size of the water reservoir or tank. For example; if the width of the dam liner on the roll is 8M, and the water pan requires a width of 15M. Then 2 pieces, one measuring 8M and another 7M in width from the roll are cut and joined to create the 15M width


How Do I Calculate How Much Dam Liner I Need?

The dam liner calculator is adapted to the shape of the irrigation water reservoir as illustated in the 3 different shapes below

  1. Sloped sides reservoir


Dam Liner Calculator By Grekkon Limited

The slope of the dam wall is shown as slanting length (SL) or slanting width (SW) in the dam liner calculator tabulation shown later in this page


2. Cylindrical circular tanks


Dam Liner Calculator


3. Straight side reservoirs

Dam Liner Rectangular


Pond Liner Calculator: Table

Circular Liner Sloped Sides Liner Straight Side Liner
(Circumference*H+0.6M) + (3.14*3.14*r+0.6M) (SL*2+D+2M)*(SW*2+D+2M) (L+2D+2M) * (W+2D+2M)


If your totals include a decimal say 120.3sq, round it up to the nearest whole number, in this case 121M sq. The +0.6M in the ‘circular liner’ and is the overlap. So is the 2M in the straight side liner’

“D” is the maximum depth which is the center-most point of the reservoir


Dam Liner Calculator

How much overhang should a pond liner have?

An overhang is the extra liner material that holds the main liner in the reservoir or tank. This excess material is held against the external wall of the tank, or tucked in a trench all around the reservoir to support the dam liner in place. It is covered with soil or stones in the trench.  Another alternative to trenching is to lay sand bags on it. The weight of the sand bags holds the dam liner in place


See below

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Comments (10)

  • I have a dam measuring 9m*7m and a sliding depth of 4m,what size of a dam liner do I require?

    • Good morning Dennis,

      Your dam liner size is 323M sq

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

    • Hi. How much will my dam liner be if the SL is 16 and the SW is 12 including welding. Please give the cost of installation separately. The 0.75/0.8mm one is preferred due to lifespan. Thank you

      Kate Anampiu
      • Good morning Kate,

        For your accurate dam liner calculation, please share the unit of measurement; are these feet or meters? What’s the depth of the water pan?

        Best regards,
        Customer Service

        • Do you customizer fish pond circular liners of 5 metre radius.

          • Good morning Wanandabha,

            Yes we do customise circular fish pond liner of any size

            Best regards,

            Customer Service

  • I am interested in advice requiring construction of a water pan with capacities of between 500-1million liters of water

    Githaiga Mwangi
    • Good morning Githaiga,

      For advice regarding your water pan dimensions and your dam liner size, please share your contact number and we’ll call you back or reach us in any of our nearest branches

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • I have a dam liner measuring 24×18m ,what will be the size of the dam if the depth is 1M ? Please advise.

    James Ndirangu Mbogo
    • Good evening James,

      Your dam liner calculator’s product is 616M sq. If your choose to do the 0.5mm thickness, then your dam liner cost in Kenya is Kes 172,480 to include; material,installation and welding

      Best regards,
      Customer Service


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