Plastic Impact Sprinkler

Plastic Impact Sprinkler

Plastic Impact Sprinkler

An Impact Sprinkler is a type of irrigation sprinkler in which the sprinkler head, driven in a circular motion by the force of the outgoing water, pivots on a bearing on top of its threaded attachment nut.

A plastic impact sprinkler is an overhead irrigation accessory that waters crop under moderate to high pressure. The moderate pressure power force is by gravity, and the higher pressure is from a water pump. The choice of water pumps to run a plastic impact sprinkler system in Kenya are:

How To Choose The  Correct Sprinkler System Water Pump

The power of the water pump will determine the number of sprinklers to run in one go. This is determined by

  1. the water pump’s head (pressre rating given in meters or bars)
  2. water discharge volume per unit time, also known as the flow rate (per munite or per hour)
  3. the power rating given a horse power (Hp) for diesel and petrol engines, or kilowatts for solar and electric water pump motors


A series of plastic impac sprinklers irrigating under pump pressure in a farm


Grekkon Limited installs and supplies these sprinklers in various inlet pipe diameter sizes. These are; 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, and 1 inch. Beyond these sizes, we supply the more powerful rain gun generation of sprinklers. The nozzle diameter size of the sprinklers is 0.4mm, 0.6mm and 0.8mm respectively for 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch and 1 inch.


Because of their short irrigation diameter and low water discharge volume, plastic impact sprinklers are designed for small to medium sized farms and lawns. They work best on short crops. During installation, PVC, HDPE, delivery, or metallic GI pipes drive water to the sprinkler. The choice between a plastic one and a metallic sprinkler is on the farmer’s budget. The latter has a longer usable lifespan, is susceptible to damage but costs more. Plastic versions are easier to handle, carry and operate. They cost less but are easily damaged and so have a shorter usable lifespan 

A meatallic impact sprinkler irrigating a lawn garden

Plastic Impact Sprinkler Prices In Kenya

Inlet Diameter Max Spray Diameter Min Head (Pressure Rating) Max Flow Rate Price in Kes
1/2″ 18M 25M 2M3/ Hr 500
3/4″ 20M 30M 4M3/ Hr 1,000
1″ 30M 30M 6M3/ Hr 1,850

How to use a plastic impact sprinkler

During irrigation, consider crops that are not susceptible to foliage fungal infections as a result of wetness on their leaves. Drip irrigate for tomato, peppers, potato, chili and other solanaceous crops. This is to avoid excess moisture on their leaves. For the reason that they quickly succumb to leaf fungal infections as a result of wetness. Certain bean types, snow-peas, and mangetout too will easily get leaf fungal infections under sprinklers.

Common food crops such as; onion, cabbage, grass and legume pastures. Others are; garlic, carrot, maize, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, watermelon, orchards, forestry crops.

Grekkon Limited’s irrigation technicians and agronomists provide guidance on system use and crop selection for this irrigation system.

Plastic Impact Sprinkler Type

Half Inch(1/2"), Three Quarter Inch(3/4"), One Inch(1")


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