Rain Pipe

Rain Pipe

What is a rain pipe irrigation system?

Grekkon Limited’s rain pipe irrigation systems are a new way of watering crops intensely under moderate pressure. Each rain pipe kit has a 100M long pipe as the main accessory. The pipe has sequential perforations at intervals using Nanotechnology to create tiny holes from which crops are irrigated. Other components of the kit are

  1. End caps
  2. Starter off-takes
  3. Pipe connectors

The diameter of the pipe ranges from 32mm to 50mm. A grower chooses the preferred size based on crop water needs and area of irrigation. For instance, a farmer with 1 acre of the crop will comfortably water with the volume delivered through a 32mm rain hose pipe. Another grower with 5 acres will better irrigate with a 50mm rain hose pipe. An acre of crop uses 800 meters of 32mm rain hose pipes, 600M of 40mm pipes, and 400M of 50mm pipes.

The perforated pipe is attached to a PVC or HDPE mainline that supplies the water

Rain pipe kit prices

. 32mm or 1-inch diameter hose. Kes 4,500
2. 40mm or 1-1/4 inch diameter hose. Kes 5,500
3. 50mm or 1-1/2 inch diameter hose. Kes 6,500

Irrigation system requirements

The system requires a pressure head of 30M. The rate of water discharge is according to the diameter size. It irrigates in opposite directions at a radius of 3M for the 32mm pipe, 5M for the 40mm pipe, and 7M for the 50mm pipe. The height of this water jet is 1M. Rain pipe irrigation systems work best on these crops.

  1. Crop nurseries; vegetables, fruit, forestry
  2. Short vegetable crops (knee-high and below); cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, kales, spinach, collards, broad beans, carrot, strawberry, and others
  3. Pasture; grass and legumes

When choosing the crop to irrigate using this method, consider its susceptibility to foliage fungal infections predisposed by leaf surface wetness.

Grekkon limited is the largest supplier and installer of rain hose irrigation systems in Kenya


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