Diesel Water Pump Prices


High-pressure diesel water pump prices in Kenya by Grekkon Limited are for small portable to large heavy fixed models. As the largest irrigation diesel water pumps dealer in Kenya, we have a wide selection of models with different features. Our open impellers are suitable for pumping lightly silted water to sludgy water which is common in most farms. Our irrigation diesel high-pressure water pumps for sale in Kenya have an air-cooled engine that excels in pumping irrigation water from any source. They are by various manufacturers in Asia (China), and Europe (UK, Italy, Germany). Diesel water pumps are similar to petrol water pumps in the sense that they are both powered by an engine

How does a diesel engine water pump work?

Every diesel water pump has an impeller which is a rotating disc containing vanes. This impeller is connected to the engine’s crankshaft. When water hits the impeller, the impeller’s energy is transferred to the water which forces it out. This force is called centrifugal force.  When this water is removed, it creates room for more water to come in, and the water pumping cycle continues


A row of sprinklers powered by a diesel water pump irrigating a commercial farm









What is a high pressure pump?

  1. High-pressure water pumps are water pumps that have a lift/ head that exceeds 50M. Head is a measure of how high a pump pushes up water vertically at 90 degrees angle. The higher it is, the greater the pressure exerted by the water pump
  2. Low-pressure water pumps. They have a low head rating and irrigate downhill or on flat terrains. Here we have low volume and high volume water pumps. Low-pressure water pumps have a single impeller. These are good with the rain hose irrigation kit or furrow irrigation which does not require high pressure, but lots of water

What does a high pressure water pump do?

They drive irrigation water over a steep elevation or height. We have high volume and low volume types. High volume water pumps deliver an upward of 48 cubic liters per hour. High-pressure water pumps have a double impeller, and are great with sprinkler irrigation systems which require this elevated pressure



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Diesel Water Pump Prices in Kenya


They will power large sprinklers, the rain hose irrigation kit, and push water up steep gradients of up to 50M in height. All have a 3” outlet. The number of sprinklers or lengths of rain hose pipes a diesel water pump will power depends on the water pump, and it’s engine’s rating. This will be determined by the ground elevation in that farm

1. 10 Hp High-pressure diesel water pump

Specs; head, flow rate, and horsepower
Price in KES
AICO 60M, 40 cubic per hour and 10Hp KES 95,000


Diesel water pump price in Kenya













2. 12Hp High-pressure diesel water pumps

Windsor -UK
90M, 54 cubic per hour and 12Hp KES 90,000


3. 14 Hp High-pressure diesel water pumps

Specs; head, flow rate, and horsepower
Price in KES
Stallion 75M, 39 cubic per hour and 14Hp KES 90,000
Carltons UK 85M, 45 cubic per hour and 14Hp KES 90,000
Power Italia 95M, 39 cubic per hour and 14Hp KES 95,000


4. 16Hp High-pressure diesel water pumps

Specs; head, flow rate, and horsepower
Price in KES
Lifan 84M, 41 cubic per hour and 16Hp KES 95,000
Power Italia*
55M, 120 cubic per hour and 16Hp KES 105,000
  • This has a 4″ inlet and outlet pipe


Diesel water pump for irrigation in Kenya












5. JD / Jiadong diesel water pumps. Suction head 7M

Model Specs; head, flow rate, outlet size, and horsepower Price in KES
JD 65M, 38cubic per hour, 2″ and 14Hp KES 118,000
JD 65M, 38cubic per hour, 2″ and 16Hp KES 121,000
JD 65M, 38cubic per hour, 2″ and 18Hp KES 136,000
JD 65M, 38cubic per hour, 2″ and 22Hp KES 146,000
JD 65M, 38cubic per hour, 2″ and 22Hp KES 153,000
JD 65M, 38cubic per hour, 2″ and 24Hp KES 163,000
JD 100M, 80 cubic per hour, 3″ and 24Hp KES 170,000
JD 65M, 38cubic per hour, 2″ and 30Hp KES 177,000
JD 100M, 80 cubic per hour, 3″ and 30Hp KES 190,000
JD 65M, 38 cubic per hour, 2″ and 35Hp KES 205,000
JD 100M, 80 cubic per hour, 3″ and 35Hp KES 225,000


JD water pumps by Grekkon Limited

JD diesel water pumps by Grekkon Limited


5. Low-pressure water pump

Kes 45,000. Specs; head 28M, flow rate 30 cubic liters per hour, inlet/ outlet pipe 3” and 5.2 Hp. For pumping directly to a water reservoir, tank or to directly power low-pressure irrigation systems. These are; small impact sprinklers, butterfly sprinklers, or a drip irrigation system

These diesel water pumps are self-priming and depending on the type, work on medium-sized to large-scale acreage irrigation. They have low to high fuel consumption, again depending on the generator size, with a suction lift of 6M to 7.5M. Regular servicing keeps them in good working condition.

We advise growers on the most appropriate water pump type based on; farm size, crop water need, elevation, and the client’s budget. Diesel water pump prices are available from any of our offices countrywide


Diesel water pump prices in Kenya


Diesel water pumps carbon emissions

The downside of diesel water pumps is CO2 emissions, which contribute to global warming, the chief reason for negative climate change being experienced today. To calculate the quantity of CO2 emission from a diesel water pump, multiply the fuel usage in litres by a factor of 2.67. For example; a pump that consumes 100 litres of diesel per month emits 267kgs of CO2 emissions monthly

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  • I am in Nairobi. Do you have an office within. I am interested in a high pressure pump which can do 100m and 30hp. Thank you

    • Good evening Stephen,

      We have our Nairobi office located in Utawala. The 30Hp high pressure diesel water pump is available

      Please email us your contact number on info@grekkon.co.ke

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  • am interested with this spec 100M, 80 cubic per hour, 3″ and 30Hp
    am in eldoret Kenya.
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      Please visit our Eldoret office for your JD diesel water pump. Email us your contact no on info@grekkon.co.ke or call us on +254 711 895635

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  • Do you have a 10 Hp Carton Pump(no Engine)

    Abdalla kinyariro
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      No we don’t

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