Low-Pressure Pumps

Low-Pressure Pumps

2″ Low Pressure Pumps

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Low-Pressure Pumps

All low-pressure pumps used in irrigation drive irrigation water under low pressure.

Categorization by role

High-pressure pumps. These are water pumps with a head that exceeds 50M. The definition of the head is how high that pump will push water vertically at a ninety degrees angle. They push water at high elevations or from a deep source such as a borehole or underground tank. There are high pressure, low water volume pumps, and high pressure, high water volume variations.

The latter is the most expensive, be they generator, solar or electric powered.

Low-pressure pumps. These are water pumps with a head that is below 50M. Here, there are low pressure, low water volume pumps, and low pressure, high water volume ones. Low-pressure pumps are the least expensive. They deliver water over short elevations or as booster pumps- to provide additional pressure. Booster pumps are electric

By placement

Surface pumps. All generator pumps (petrol and diesel) are surface pumps. They work out of the water during operation. We have solar-powered and electric powered surface pumps. They pump water in all directions; vertically, horizontally and diagonally

Submersible pumps. These work in the water during operation. They pump water vertically from a well, borehole, reservoir, lake, river or from an underground tank. All have stainless steel plates and are either solar or electric powered.

By power

Solar pumps. They use energy from the sun converted into an electric current. This energy is provided by solar panels. The number of solar panels to use depends on the amount of power required by the pump.

Electric pumps. They use electric power from the grid. We have a single phase and 3 phase pumps. The former will work with a single-phase electric setting, and the latter will only work with a 3 phase electric setting.



Available for:

Petrol Pump, Diesel Pump


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