Your Solar Pump Suitability

Submersible solar pump by Grekkon Limited

Your Solar Pump Suitability

Every solar pump installed by Grekkon Limited is determined for suitability in this manner.

  1. Installation location. Here, we have the surface and the submerscible solar pump types. The surface type pumps water from depths less than 10M or 33 feet. The submerscible type pumps from depths below this.
  2. Power supply. Most pumps have an option of single and three phase models. This will not determine how powerful your solar pump is. Clients choose the pump that is aligned to the power supply available.
  3. Panels. How many watts does your pump require? This determines the number of panels. Solar panels in Kenya are supplied as 200 0r 220 watts.
  4.  Alternate current (AC) versus Direct current (DC). Some solar pumps run purely on DC current, others have DC and AC options. For the latter, it can use both solar and electric power. Solar power in the day, electric power at night or when sunshine is blocked.

When installing the submerscible pumps, Grekkon Limited considers the following.

i. Amount of water required daily

ii. The depth of the well or borehole

iii. The water level in the well or borehole

iv. The vertical pumping height

Using these four parameters, we decide on the most suitable solar pump to install. All our solar pumps are made of stainless steel material.

A solar pump installed in Mavoloni area, Machakos county in Kenya by Grekkon Limited.

Solar pump installation

We provide the solar panels to use with your pumps, and our engineers make the connection. Our construction team designs and makes the steel stand to support your panels.  We service our installed pumps every three years to maintain it in great working condition. Solar pumps provide peak performance 6 hours in a day in Kenya. This is between 10am and 3am when the sun is at its peak.


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