Solar surface pump available in Kenya

Every surface solar pump available in Kenya by Grekkon Limited is designed for shallow wells. These pumps are ideal in off-grid locations and helpful too in the management of electricity costs resulting from water pumping.
A Grekkon surface solar pump draws water from depths not exceeding 10M or 33 feet. Tanks and water reservoirs as well can have these pumps installed. Each has a head of 12M or 1.2bar which makes it a low pressure pump. Under clear skies, users receive 3,000 litres per our or 3 cubic meters of water per hour.

Solar surface pump workings

The average pumping time is six (6) hours- when the sun gives its best on a clear day. So on a sunny day, users have about 18,000 litres or 18 cubic meters of water per day. This is enough for one and a quarter (1.25) acres irrigation per day on a vegetable at the least. These pumps have direct current (DC) mode which is what they work with when solely solar powered. There is also an option of alternating current (AC), which allows use of electricity where the user opts to. A single panel of 220 watts will power it. Grekkon Limited’s solar surface pumps are for single phase power use.

Where we work

Grekkon Limited supplies and also installs surface solar pumps within east Africa. We have qualified and certified technicianswho offer advise before, during and after installation. Every surface solar pump has a one year manufacturer’s warranty. Beyond pumps, we support procuring farmers with free agronomy advice. To ensure farmers’ success, we carry out scheduled farm visits to all our clients as part of of our after sale service across Kenya. Visit our stores to acquire yours at Amrash Business Park, Utawala in Nairobi or at Kaburwo area, Kisumu road in Eldoret or at Wisdom house, Addis Ababa road in Nyeri.

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