We are the premier natural solar dryers designer and installation company in east Africa. Our solar dryers are available in the region to commercial farmers who sell dried foods to international markets and local retail outlets. These dryers are constructed from food grade material- from the structural system to the cover. They are environment friendly, enhance energy conservation and dry four to five times as fast as open air draining. Our solar drying systems are an effective means of food preservation, a good value to highly perishable foods.

Our natural solar drying system utilizes sunshine to heat up air that dries food product in it. It is an easy way to add value to food crops and meat which is beneficial in reducing wastage of excess agriculture production. Open air drying faces many challenges such as; degradation of food value by ultra violet rays (UV), susceptibility to insect pests and rodents, and dirt contamination. Grekkon Limited’s solar dryers are constructed on location.

There are no standard sizes because each dryer is constructed on site according to the food material and volume to be dried per drying session. Heat diffuses into the dryer from all sides heating up the air within. This air is allowed in through an inlet vent and once heated, it escapes with the collected moisture from an outlet vent and the cycle continues till all moisture is dried off from the food. Grekkon dryers are designed to preserve the original food color, taste, scent and full nutritional value. This is achieved by use of UV treated cover and floor material, and food grade zinc or aluminum galvanized structure.


Solar dryers by Grekkon Limited are available in in our Nairobi, Eldoret and Nyeri stores. Our technical and agronomy teams support and advise farmers on crop value addition. We design dryers according to crop and desired quality output.

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  • I wish to get a quote for the 1000 kg solar dryer

    Murad Lucky
    • Good afternoon Murad,

      This is Kes 850,000 to dry 1ton per session.
      When and where do you need it?

      Best regards,
      Customer Service


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