Solar Dehydrators in Kenya
Solar Dehydrators in Kenya
Solar dehydrators in Kenya as designed by Grekkon Limited

Solar Dehydrators in Kenya

Grekkon Limited is the largest and best known commercial supplier of tailored fruits, vegetables, cereals, and meat solar dehydrators in Kenya. These galvanised steel updraft dehydrators are designed for food safety and have zero food contamination.

Types of solar dehydrators in Kenya

  1. Galvanised steel types. These are made from zinc galvanised steel pipes. They are also known as ‘greenhouse dryers’ in Kenya
  2. Wooden types. These are made from soft or hardwood timber
  3. Updraft dehydrators. The air moves upwards as it heats up and collects moisture fro the drying food.
  4. Downdraft dehydrators. Hot air is blown from above to dry food below
  5. Portable solar dehydrator. This one is movable from one location to another
  6. Fixed solar dehydrator. This one is immovable and is used only in one location

These dehydrators for Kenyan farmers are tailored to the client’s needs during design and construction. Fruit drying in Kenya is a rapidly growing market as a result of urbanisation. This has raised the demand for solar dehydrators for fruits and vegetables in the country.

How do you make a solar dehydrator?

It is made from steel or wood covered with material that allows entry and build up of heat in the structure.

Is it safe to leave a dehydrator overnight?

Yes it is. Every Grekkon Limited’s dehydrator is made of polythene with anti-drip treatment which prevents the accumulation of dew on the paper. Dew causes molding in dried food.

Is it worth getting a dehydrator?

Yes it is if you have a ready market for your dried foods

What are the best foods to dehydrate?

This is determined by the market. In Kenya, fruits, vegetables, cereals, tubers and meat are dried the most.

How long is dehydrated food good for?

Dehydrated food will last beyond 5 years if well preserved

Is it healthy to eat dehydrated food?

Grekkon Limited’s polythene has anti-UV treatment which blocks UV rays. UV rays cause color, taste, scent and nutritional degradation. Food from our dryers has all its constituents intact except for moisture

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