Silage Bags
Silage Bags
Silage bags by Grekkon Limited in a dairy farm

Silage Bags

Grekkon Limited introduced specific UV treated polythene silage bags that are supplied as white on black and black on black. We provide dairy livestock specific made airtight silage paper. This silage bags are used for both indoor and outdoor storage of silage material.

The dimension of our white on black polythene silage paper is 1.5M x 1M. It holds 350kgs of livestock crop silage material. The color is white on black so that the white remains on the outside to reflect excess heat. Black on the inside to keep it warm. This is for dairy farmers doing outside storage of silage.

For those storing dairy livestock silage material indoors, we offer black on black. It absorbs heat at room temperature and retains it. It is 1M x 1M in dimension, and is designed to hold 200kgs of silage matter.

UV treatment on our silage bags makes them useful for many cycles of silage storage. This treatment prevents the degradation of our silage polythene papers by harmful UV rays. It is important in tropical conditions where UV radiation is intense.

How to use silage bags

The polythene bags are easy to handle and store. A farmer after filing it with silage matter will weld the top or tie it up with a string. It is designed to work both ways. Care must be taken to keep the silage polythene paper safe from mechanical damage. This is through careless handling, or poor storage with sharp objects, or in a rat infested storage house. Rice and mice will chew on it.

Grekkon Limited is the largest supplier of silage bags in east Africa. We support dairy farmers in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Ethiopia in making their silage material. Silage polythene paper is available from any of our stores in Nairobi, Nyeri and Eldoret,

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