Rain Hose Irrigation Kits

A Rain Hose Irrigation Kit in Chaka area, Nyeri county

Rain Hose Irrigation Kits

Rain hose is an affordable spray irrigation in Kenya supplied by Grekkon Limited. This is an alternative or replacement for sprinkler irrigation that is easy to install and maintain. It is a black UV treated flexible hose with diagonal patterns of drip holes. These drip holes are made using nano punching technology to ensure uniform flow of water. Rain hose is suitable for closely spaced crops such as; onion, garlic, leafy vegetables, strawberry, herbs and so on.

Rain Hose Irrigation Kits

Rain hose irrigation kits by Grekkon Limited come in various sizes, each size with its specification. All pipes are 100M or 200M in length, and come in varying diameter. For example, a 40mm hose will operate at 10 bars/ 100M head, spray a width of 5-6M at a height of 1.5M – 2M. On the other hand, a 32mm hose will operate at 8 bars/ 80M head, spray a width of 3-4M at a height of 1M – 1.5M. The maximum recommended laying length is up to 50M for both. An acre requires 800M, and this hose will last for 4-5 years. The kit is provided with fittings such as; a filter, end caps, ball valve and a connector. The farmer shall procure separately additional fittings such a saddle clamps or tees, elbows where needed.

Rain hose irrigation kits by Grekkon Limited are designed for self-installation by the grower. The price for a one acre 32mm kit is Kes 63,000, and Kes 70,000 for a 40mm kit. These kits are available from any Grekkon Limited stores in Nairobi, Eldoret and Nyeri. Irrigate your crop more cost effectively with our rain hose irrigation kit.

This irrigation method is not recommended for use on tropical crops that are easily susceptible to blight when water is retained on their foliage. Tomato, mangetout, sugar snaps, green beans exhibit this sensitivity.



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