Rain-gun Sprinklers
Rain-gun Sprinklers
grekkon rain gun sprinkler

Rain-gun Sprinklers

Grekkon Limited Rain-gun Sprinklers Technical Information

Rain gun sprinklers are a new generation of high volume, high pressure sprinklers for use in horticulture, broad acre crops, orchards and forestry.

Grekkon Limited has introduced a new model of the rain-gun sprinkler to the Kenyan market; the double nozzle steel and brass Rain-gun series. This Rain gun sprinkler series has 2 nozzles, a main top nozzle of 16mm and a small underneath nozzle of 8mm. The purpose of the small nozzle is to eliminate any ‘’water shadow’’ areas or sections within the irrigated area that remain dry.

Grekkon Limited’s Rain-gun sprinklers are categorized according to input pipe size as;

  1. 1.5’’. Irrigation diameter 30M. Water discharge volume 7-8 cubic per hour. Kes 17,000
  2. 2’’. Irrigation diameter 40M. Water discharge volume 14-15 cubic per hour. Kes 19,000
  3. 2.5’’. Irrigation diameter 50M. Water discharge volume 23-25 cubic per hour. Kes 21,000

The input pipe can be; PVC, HDPE, PPR or a delivery pipe. Each rain-gun sprinkler has a 1M steel tripod stand for support. The sprinklers can be manually adjusted to spray in any angle from 10 degrees to 360 degrees.


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