New Rain Gun Sprinkler Now Available in Kenya

Rain gun sprinkler by Grekkon Limited

New Rain Gun Sprinkler Now Available in Kenya

Grekkon Limited is a pioneer in rain gun sprinkler irrigation in Kenya. We introduced the 1.5”, 2” and 2.5” rain gun sprinklers to farmers in Kenya. As a new sprinkler technology, Grekkon Limited installed them, and taught farmers to do their own installation. This sprinkler achieves a large diameter of irrigation area compared to smaller impact sprinklers. 1.5” gives 30M, 2″ upto 40, and 2.5” upto 50M. Grekkon’s rain gun sprinklers have a double nozzle; a large one on top, a smaller one beneath. The larger nozzle irrigates to the maximum radius, the lesser nozzle irrigates just about half of that. This combination removes dry un-irrigated ‘blind spots.’ Our rain gun sprinkler is rust free. These sprinkler irrigates any angle from 1 degree to 360 degrees, as the farmer adjusts it.

A brass and cast iron double nozzle raingun sprinkler at work

A brass and cast iron double nozzle raingun sprinkler at work

What a rain gun sprinkler needs

Any rain gun sprinkler in Kenya requires voluminous amounts of water. From at least 7 cubic meters for the 1.5” to 25 cubic meters for the 2.5”. A farmer must therefore consider how much water is available before procuring the gadget. Very high working pressure is another requirement. A minimum of 4bars/ 40M head is required for a  1.5” raingun sprinkler to work. The pump used must meet the rain gun specifications.

Where and when to use them

A rain gun sprinkler is used for broad acre crops (maize, wheat, oat, barley, canola), pasture crops and vegetables. Care is taken on crops susceptible to foliar diseases as a result of wet leaves. These are crops such as tomato, potato, peas and beans. Care should be taken on certain crops during flowering. With the right pressure, the gradient of the irrigated area doesn’t matter. An acre will require 16 cubic meters of water daily.

A raingun sprinkler at work on a tea plantation

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  • Benson sambili
    Posted at 20:03h, 02 July Reply

    Superb products,I Have an interest

  • fredrick
    Posted at 20:15h, 26 July Reply

    whats the price per piece and where are you located.

    • grekkon
      Posted at 14:32h, 10 September Reply

      Hello Fredrick,

      Prices are Kes 6,500 for 1′, Kes 15,000 for 1-1/2′, Kes 17,000 for 2′ and Kes 19,000 for 2-1/2′. Ee are located at Amrash business park in Utawala area, Nairobi. We also have store in Eldoret and Nyeri.



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