Disc Filters

Disc Filters

Disc Filters

Grekkon Limited offers this product at the most attractive price around which satisfy the requirements of both strength and durability.

Disc Filters, Screen Filters & Sand Filters

Grekkon Limited’s disc filters come in various diameter sizes and types. Our disc filters, screen filters, and sand filters are in every irrigation system. They trap dirt and particles that will otherwise clog the system and prevent unhindered water flow to the crop. Diameter is a factor of the irrigation pipe in use, while the type is a factor of the water pressure.

Our filter sizes are;

  1. ¾’’
  2. 1’’
  3. 1-1/4’’
  4. 1-1/2’’
  5. 2’’
  6. 2-1/2’’
  7. 3’’

Larger sizes than 3’’ will be supplied on specific orders to growers.

We have these filter types

Screen filter. This is the most commonly used filter by farmers whose water is supplied by gravitational means. It filters water under low pressure with a cloth like screen made of plastic or steel gauze. Screen filters are easy to clean by wiping the screen within every so often to rid it off accumulated dirt and other particle material. They are the cheapest, and cannot work on very dirty water because they clog easily.

Disc filters are for farmers whose water is under high pressure. Inside, it has a series of round discs vertically compressed together. Dirt particles under high pressure cannot pass on to block emitters. So, clean water drips to the crop. Disc filters reduce water pressure to the farm, so a grower must work out the irrigation water pressure requirement against the pressure loss to expect once the disc filter is in place.

Sand filters. They filter water under very high pressure through a column of sand particles. Sand filters are the most effective filters because sand catches all debris and the water out is always clean. They are used on very dirty water.

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Available in:

0.75"(three quarter inch), 1"(one inch), 1.25"(one and a quarter inch), 1.5"(one and a half inch), 2"(two inch)


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