Pop-up Sprinklers


Grekkon Limited’s lawn irrigation pop-up sprinklers in Kenya are suitable for lawns, parks, golf courses, and gardens. Our lawn sprinklers irrigation systems are designed to distribute water evenly on lawns. We install this lawn sprinkler system in football fields, golf courses, and recreation parks. We train our clients on how to install pop-up lawn sprinklers for those who plan to do so themselves

Pop-up sprinkler price in Kenya

  1. 1/2″ Kes 2,750
  2. 3/4″ Kes 3,750

Types Of Pop -Up Sprinklers By Grekkon Limited

  1. Plastic models. The outer cover is metallic, and much of the internal body too. Some components such as the spring, and nozzles are metallic
Pop-up Sprinklers

A plastic Rain bird pop-up sprinkler 


Pop-up Sprinklers

A plastic Hunter pop-up sprinkler 



2. Metallic types. The exterior and interior is all metallic


Brass po-up sprinkler

A metallic brass pop-up sprinkler


Pop Up Sprinkler Kit


What Size Of A Pop-Up Sprinkler Do I Need?

The size of a pop-up sprinkler is characterised by the diameter of the inlet pipe. The large it is, the greater the discharge. In selecting your pop-up sprinkler size, consider the following:

  1. Area of irrigation. The larger it is, the larger your pop-ups will
  2. Amount of water available. Larger inlet diameter pop ups have a higher discharge rate, so they utilise more water
  3. Lawn irrigation design outlay. Some sections will require large sprinklers, and others smaller ones to meet specific irrigation needs of the sections
  4. Your budget. The larger the sprinkler, the costlier it is




How pop-up sprinklers work

1. Design

They are built using raisers that are designed to rise up to irrigate 2 to 12 inches above ground under high water pressure. It has a built-in debris filter, and a robust gear drive which turns the sprinkler to the per-defined arc or radius of spraying required

2. Irrigation technique

Once the irrigation cycle is complete, decreasing water pressure causes the riser to retract back to its housing at ground level. Sprinkler heads will not pop up when clogged with debris or dirt. A leak in the water line can cause low water pressure and keep water from flowing to the sprinkler head, so it won’t pop up. Another reason when there is low water pressure in the sprinkler system cuts down the irrigation range and will even cause the sprinkler heads not to function at all

3. Installation of a pop-up sprinkler

During installation, we space the sprinklers 25 feet apart for the larger ones that irrigate a radius beyond 16 feet diameter. For those sprinklers that do a smaller area, we space at 12-15 feet apart. The system is powered by a high pressure, high volume electric pump

Pop up sprinkler installation is done from the edge of lawn towards the middle

4. Protection

A lawnmower cannot damage them in their retracted position because it’s protected. Our most common heights are 2,3,4,6 and 12 inches

5. Pop up sprinkler adjustment

Grekkon Limited’s pop up sprinklers are adjustable in 2 ways

  • Adjustment for spray radius. You can reduce or increase the radius of spray. This will not have an impact on the volume of water discharged per unit of time. If you reduce it, then it means the same amount of water over a smaller area
  • Adjustment for spraying degree. You can have your pop up sprinkler spray 10 degrees or 360 degrees. This depends on the location. For instance, if the house is behind the sprinkler, then it will be adjusted to a 180 degree of spray. if it is in the middle of the lawn, then this will be set to 360 degrees of spray

6. Pop up sprinkler kit

It consists of;

  • An electric surface water pump. Ths size of the water pump is determined b the number of pop up sprinklers to be operated in one go
  • A HDPE or PVC main and sub main line. This one delivers water from the source to the sprinkler
  • HDPE or PVC fittings for use with the water pump
  • Ball valves. These are to control water movement between the source and the pipes, and also between various block on the lawn
  • Housing. This is where the pop up sprinkler rests. It protects it from soil or physical damage
  • Pop up sprinklers. As per the area under irrigation, various sizes are used
  • Pressure gauge. To assess the pressure along the line
  • Cabling for the electric water pump to a power source. In an automated system, the cabling extends to the ball valves to control opening and closing
  • A timer. In an automated system, the timer controls when to irrigate, and how long a block is irrigated before the system switches it off
  • Sensors. These too are in automated systems to send signals that determine the timing and area of irrigation


A sample pop up sprinkler kit


Lawn Irrigation Using Pop-Up Sprinklers

On average, it will take 30 minutes to get a half-inch of water. So, 20 minutes, three times per week will give a lawn about an inch of water. This formula works best with healthy well-drained soils. We install timers on all our pop-up sprinkler systems that automatically switch off the system once the target watering time is achieved.  However, this timer is not installed where a client chooses to operate the system manually. A wet lawn at night predisposes the grass to fungal infection. Irrigate during the day and maintain the moisture level 6 inches below for proper lawn growth.

Pop- Up Sprinkler Calculator

To determine the number of pop-up sprinklers in an area, the following is considered

  • The area in square emitters; the larger it is, the more the sprinklers
  • The size of the water pump; pressure rating, and water discharge. It determines the number of sprinklers that will water per session
  • Diameter size of the water pipe. This high density polythene (HDPE) pipe or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe determines the volume of water delivered. Higher water volume allows for larger sprinklers, meaning less will be installed per unit area
  • Radius of spray of the sprinkler; this is a factor of the sprinkler inlet size (1/2″, 3/4″ or 1″), and the water pump size. It determines the number of sprinklers per unit area

Lawn Irrigation FAQs

1. How long should I water my lawn?

This depends on the soil type and the season. Sandy soils will be irrigated longer than clay soils

2. When should I water my lawn?

In the early morning so that the soil warms up in the day. Late evening or night watering lowers the soil temperature which is a precursor to root fungal infections. Watering in the hot afternoon is wasteful because much of the water is lost to evaporation

3. Can I install pop-ups on sloppy land?

Yes, you can. We align sprinkler heads perpendicular to the slope and position them closer together on the uphill side of the pattern

4. Which pop up sprinkler is best to water lawns?

The best pop up sprinkler to water your lawn is the one that gives the best coverage, is easily adjustable, and works well with your water pump. The choice of pop up sprinkler size for your lawn is a factor og the lawn size, the water pump size and the amount of water needed per irrigation session

5. Where should pop up sprinkler be placed?

During installation, we position the pop up sprinkler where it provides maximum coverage. This is from the edge of the lawn inwards towards the middle of the lawn

6. How deep should a pop up sprinkler be?

Our pop up sprinklers are 2.5. to 3.5cm below the ground level to prevent damage by lawn mowers, and to keep them out of site when not in operation


The right depth of a pop up sprinkler when not in operation


The right heigt of a pop up sprinkler when in operation


7. How long do pop up sprinklers last?

The system lasts for more than 2 decades when frequent inspection is made to identify and attend to any malfunctions, blockages, or damage

8. What size do pop up sprinklers come in?

The size of a pop up sprinkler is determined by the inlet pipe size. Grekkon Limited supplies 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″ inlet size pop up sprinklers

9. How many pop up sprinklers can I run?

This depends on the flow rate from the water pump, and the head

10. What is the maximum distance between two pop up sprinklers?

It will not be more than half the one-half the allowable distance between sprinklers. This is to allow for an overlap of the spray, and to avoid ‘blind spot’ (dry none-irrigated sections)

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  • Oscar here from Union Meat Group.

    We have a requirement for Pop-up Sprinklers to use in our ranch. Which can be placed 14m apart and can rotate 360 degrees.

    Is this something you can assist us with? In the affirmative kindly quote us your price.

    Looking forward to hearing from you ASAP.

    • Good afternoon Oscar,

      Thank you for your email. We do install pop up sprinklers of various sizes. To give you a quote, please share with us a detailed plan of the ranch (we’ll walk you through the features to capture for us), or alternatively, we could organise a site visit

      The latter option is chargeable. Do you mind sharing your contact number to reach you? Do so on info@grekkon.co.ke

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    Maushe Kidundo
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      Thank you for reaching out. Our commercial team will contact you

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  • Can one use a petrol or diesel water pump for a Pop up sprinkler system?

    • Good morning Tom,

      Yes, a petrol or diesel water pump will power your pop up sprinkler system so long as the right head and flow rates are observed

      Best regards,
      Customer Service


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