Plastic Mulch

Plastic Mulch


Plastic mulch, provides an easy way to mitigate against water loss by evaporation. It offers your crops a unique environment that encourages fast growth, suppresses weeds, repels insects and conserves water in crop production and landscaping.

The crops grow through slits or holes made in the thin plastic sheeting. These holes are punched during planting to allow for crop growth.


  • Available colour is silver on black. The silver faces upwards to reflect excess light, which also repels insect pests. The black side faces down to keep the soil warm. It hastens crop growth and lessens crop root disease infections.
  • The width is standardised at 1.6M
  • Thicknesses available are 23 microns, 30 microns, 60 microns and 80 microns. 23 microns and 30 microns are used for one and 2 seasons respectively. They are better used in greenhouses. 60 microns and 80 microns plastic mulch will be used over a longer time. Crop type determines thickness used. An orchard is best served with an 80 micron paper, while a one season green beans crop will work with a 30 micron paper. This paper is UV treated to shield it from quick degradation by the sun’s ultra violet rays. It is used in vegetable crops, fruit orchards, flower gardens, corn and in forestry crops.


  • It provides an early start for crops
  • There is no water stress for the crops
  • Less upkeep costs are incurred
  • Better crop quality
  • Stronger crops
  • Early maturity which reduces management costs
  • Market entry is made early

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