Petrol Water Pumps

Grekkon Limited supplies portable petrol water pumps from various manufacturers in Malaysia, Japan, and the UK. These petrol water pumps models feature open impellers suitable for pumping lightly silted water which is common in most farms. Our petrol water pumps have a four-stroke air cooled engine which excels in pumping irrigation water.

Our lightweight petrol water pumps are self-priming ideal for small to medium acreage irrigation. Petrol pumps have low a fuel consumption with a suction lift of 7.5M. They are easy to maintain with no special tools required, besides regular servicing after every 100 hours of use.

Petrol pumps are in 2 categories according to type

  1. High pressure water pumps. These pumps have a lift/ head that exceeds 50M. Head is a measure of how high a pump pushes up water vertically at 90 degrees angle. The higher it it, the greater the pressure exerted by the water pump. They are used to drive irrigation water over a steep elevation or height. These pumps are further categorized into high volume and low volume types. High volume water pumps deliver an upward of 48 cubic liters per hour. High pressure water pumps have a double impeller.
  2. Low pressure water pumps. They have a low head rating and are used to irrigate downhill or flat terrains. These water pumps too are further categorised into low volume and high volume water pumps. Low pressure water pumps have a single impeller.

Our petrol water pump’s generators are 4Hp, 5.5Hp and 7.5Hp types. High pressure, high water volume models have the highest generator power rating. Low pressure, low volume types have the lowest generator power rating. The inlet and outlet water pipe diameter are 50mm/ 1-1/2 inch, 63mm/ 2 inches and 90mm/ 3 inches.

We advise growers on the most appropriate water pump type based on; farm size, crop water need, elevation and the client’s budget.

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