Shade Nets

Shade nets

Grekkon shade nets are designed to grow your crop under protection. There are different nets for various crops, at different stages of growth, in different locations. We provide you with a variety of shade nets that will help you control temperature and the nag of stubborn pests and rain in your farm.


Shade nets protect crops to varying degrees from natural weather disturbances such as wind, rain, hail, frost, snow, bird and insects. They are for use in the nursery and on mature crops too. Crop type, crop maturity stage, and location determine the right net.

Available nets are; 30%, 55%, 75%, and 90% shade. A nursery propagator in a hot location like Kisumu uses a 90% shade net. A farmer in Timboroa will use a 75% net for the same crop in the nursery. During the hardening stage, a farmer will use a lower percentage shade net. This could be say from 90% to 55% or 75% to 30%. From this point on, the grower will choose to either transplant in the open or leave the crop to grow in the shade nets. Besides crop, a shade net is used in aquaculture to keep away birds or to reduce water evaporation from the pond.

Grekkon Limited’s nets are all UV treated to withstand high radiation tropical climates. We provide growers with an option of green or black colors. Black nets great for growers in high altitude or cool locations because they allow and hold more warmth. Green nets fit in hot or low lying altitudes as they allow and keep less heat. Our nets are four meters in width, and fifty meters long. So a farmer considers this when constructing the support structure.

We supply nets to every grower within eastern Africa. Farmers sometimes opt to install the net themselves, or they will have Grekkon Limited construct a full shade house.