Greenhouse Construction

Grekkon Limited Greenhouse construction

When we build your greenhouse, our greenhouse construction team provides a structure largely based on the altitude and crop. This is what we consider.

  1. Altitude.

    In high altitude locations, we construct tunnel type greenhouses. Whereas in the mid to low altitude locations, our greenhouse construction will be the vented type. The greenhouse side ventilation system will be different in the two locations. The hotter areas will have an all side netting type of greenhouse. While in the cooler locations it will have polythene on all sides, with an option of side roll-ups.

  2. Crop Type.

    A galvanized steel crop support system is provied for high-value, tall, indeterminate tomato, cucumbers and sweet peppers. In our greenhouse construction, no such provision will be made for low lying crops such as herbs, and strawberries. Self pollinating crops will be guarded using an insect net to avoid insect infestation. These are tomato, peppers, herbs and cucumbers. Insect pollinated crops such as strawberries will have a net that has large enough pores to allow pollination by bees.

    Yellow polythene is used when the farmer is growing a monocolored flower such as red roses, or for a none fruiting crop like vegetables. It allows less light, so less photosynthesis. Clear polythene is used for a multicoloured flower crop, or for a fruiting crop like tomato, peppers and strawberry.

Standard versus tailored designs in greenhouse construction

Standard greenhouse sizes are; 15M x 8M, 24M x 8M, 30M x 8M, 16M x 15M, 30M x 10M, 40M x 8M and 40M x 16M. These are common in the market and a farmer will choose between these based on the target crop population and affordability.

Custom made greenhouses are sized in accordance to the farmer’s preference. It could be costlier or cheaper than a standard sized greenhouse. ‎

Available sizes

  1. 8m by 15m
  2. 8m by 30m
  3. Or any preferable size for the farmer.