Coco Peat

Coco peat for seedling nurseries

Coco peat is an alternative to traditional soil nurseries popular with most smallholder farmers’ vegetable and tree nurseries. It is a soil-less substrate for crop cultivation made from coconut husks. In areas where soils have been cultivated over the past decades, soil-borne diseases and pests are prevalent. This conflicts with the rapid adoption of high value, high yielding hybrid seed varieties witnessed across the nation. For the reason that the financial risk of loss of hybrid seedlings is great. To prevent losses, coco peat provides a sanitized growing environment for these high-value seedlings. Germination and transplanting rates are as high as ninety-nine percent on this growing media.

Cocoa peat is a replacement for traditional peat in soil mixtures. We package it in five-kilogram compact blocks for ease of handling and transportation. A five-kilo block is sufficient for fifteen seedling trays irrespective of the number of cells in the tray.


Clean the block in clean running water to remove accumulated salts. This process takes about five minutes and once the salts are washed off, the product is spread onto the tray cells. The farmer can opt to add some nutrients, otherwise, the material is ready to use. During transplanting, it covers the root hairs of the seedlings so that the plant experiences no transplanting shock. This provides the crop with a quick healthy start, important for early market entry for commercial farmers at the end of the season. Coco peat is used only once by the crop, after which it is incorporated into the soil at the time of transplanting.

At Grekkon limited, we train farmers on proper coco peat treatment, cleaning, and application onto seedling trays during purchase. This is knowledge is key for a smooth crop establishment once on the farm, and is the reason why we are a major supplier in Kenya.


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