Planting Trays

Planting trays for a healthy start

Every successful crop needs a good start. Planting trays are a great way to provide your seedlings with a healthy, strong start for the season ahead.

Planting trays by Grekkon Limited are black PVC types. They have many benefits, which are summarised as;

i. 99%-100% of the seedlings will be transplanted. There are few losses for seedlings established on trays

ii. Minimal incidences of pest and disease infestation. When it happens, it is easy to manage

iii. High germination rate because the seed is placed in sanitised media that provides the right conditons for optimal germination

iv. Minimal damage to seedlings during transplanting because they are easily removed from the trays.

v. Quick and easy crop establishment in the field because the seedlings barely experience transplanting shock.

Grekkon Limited is a one stop shop that supplies the largest variety of PVC planting trays in Kenya. Our seedling trays are UV treated which makes them last long even when exposed to the sun directly.

Available seedling trays at Grekkon Limited’s stores in Nairobi, Nyeri and Eldoret are;

a. 28 cell seedling trays

b. 50 cell seedling trays

c. 66 cell seedling trays

These three have large enough holes for silk worm rearing, and for large crops such as cuttings, forestry and fruit tree seedlings.

d. 160 cell seedling trays

e. 200 cell seedling trays

f. 204 cell seedling trays

g. 288 cell seedling trays

These are used for vegetable seedlings propagation. Our trays are supplied with coco peat as the planting media. A 5kg block of coco peat will do 15 planting trays. This media must be well cleaned with running water before use to remove salts. Our seedling trays are reusable for several seasons. However, they must be well disinfected to sanitise them to avoid disease and pest transmission to the new seedlings. Care must be taken when handling the trays to avoid breakages, which reduces their useful lifespan.…rays-for-farmers/