Natural solar dryers

Tailored natural solar dryers for every crop

Continous value addition is the best way for African farmers to make the best proceeds out of their crop harvests, year in and year out. With the advent of large scale urbanisation, fresh healthy food is costlier every few years. In some large major African cities, beyond cost, there are moments of fresh food scarcity. This development has bred a niche market for dried farm foods. In response to this need, we have provided tailored natural solar dryers to farmers and other organisations.

We tailor our natural solar dryers to the volume required to dry per day, by crop type and by location. Every dryer is constructed and tested on site with the participation of the user. Organised farmer groups seeking new retail markets for dried foods are our largest clientele. It is cheaper  for them to procure a dryer corporately than individually, then use it in turns amongst themselves.

Case Studies

In Mwea area of Kirinyaga county, we tested our first solar dryer on freshly harvested rice. This test was done by the farmers where thirty five kilograms of rice was put in a small dryer. A similar amout was put out in the open air as they normally dry it and we compared the speed of drying. Our natural solar dryers warmth dried the rice in one and a half hours sunshine, that in the open air took six sunshine hours to dry.

In Karinga coffee factory located in Gatundu area of Kiambu county, a giant natural solar drier dried coffee in three days. Air dried coffee beans were ready after fourteen days.

Lastly, in Mwanza city, Tanzania, our natural solar dryers are popular with groundnut farmers. They dry their produce in three sunshine hours, a huge relief from the fourteen sunshine hours in open air. ‎