Dam Liners

Dam Lining

Our dam lining service goes beyond the supply of 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.75mm, 0.8mm and 1mm thick dam liners. Welding, installation, advisory service on choice of liner and application is part of our package.

Tailored Service

We tailor our dam lining service to your needs. Grekkon geomembranes are maintenance free once installed. They are designed as a low cost, easy to install water conservation solution. Care is taken during handling and transportation to deliver the material intact.

Grekkon Limited is number one in the geomembrane supply and dam lining service in Kenya for water. This is in irrigation water reservoirs, and aquaculture. Our liners are the most reputable because they are factory welded, thus last for up to 35 years.

For crop farmers, having a dam liner ensures they harvest and store water to irrigate their farms after the rains. This thus guarantees them continuous income supply.

Why buy Grekkon Limited dam liners?

We supply UV treated, HDPE, waterproof liners manufactured from virgin material. It is these properties that ensure longevity on our dam liners, a providing life span of over 35 years for the thickest gauge.

Other uses of Dam liners in Kenya

  • Silage making
  • Multi-story gardening
  • Repairing leaking underground and above tanks
  • Repair leaking concrete roofs
  • As greenhouse gutters

Fish pond liners

With the demand for fish going up on a daily basis, farmers are increasingly looking for alternative ways of rearing them. Fish pond liners offer the cheapest and best option for commercial fish farming.

Dam Lining for Fish

Dam lining can either be on an excavated or built pond. The pond has to be smooth to prevent pricking of the fish pond liners. Alternatively, you can use insert it on a structure made of wood and offcuts.

Common fish reared on fish pond liners are; fingerlings, tilapia, and catfish/mudfish


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