Button Drippers in Fruit Tree Irrigation

Button drippers in irrigation of fruit trees

A banana and fruit tree drip irrigation is structured differently from a vegetable drip irrigation system. Button drippers in fruit tree irrigation provide a controlled irrigation method. Button drippers are emitters attached to 16mm PE pipes that allow precise amounts of water directly to the crop root zone. This will increase water use efficiency, and there is uniformity in your orchard, forest or hedge. Fruit trees require large amounts of water because many are perennial and grow a large root system. This is why button drippers in fruit tree irrigation allow large volumes of water- up to seventy liters per hour.

Without button drippers, the orchard lacks uniformity because some trees will receive more water than others. Water deficient fruit trees will wither out and die or stagnate in growth over time. Button drippers in irrigation help in proper fertigation which is the addition of soluble chemical fertilizer or a pesticide through the irrigation system. Every tree will receive the same dose as required and this is important for timely maturity of the crop. When a fruit tree dries, or if the farmer moves it, the adjustable button dripper is locked. No water will pass through it. This avoids wastage where water is applied to a location it is not needed.

Calculating my number of button drippers

Each fruit tree requires one button dripper at the beginning. In instances when the tree is mature and in full production, an additional button dripper can be added to the irrigation system. This is to supply the additional water needs the tree has at this point. Button drippers in irrigation are limited by the amount of water required by the plant or that the soil therein can hold.

Grekkon limited trains orchard farmers in proper button dripper installation and use.


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Fruit Tree Irrigation Kit Includes

  1. PE Pipes for the main and sub-main pipe
  2. Button drippers
  3. End caps
  4. Valves to regulate the flow of water