Irrigation Products

Irrigation Products By Grekkon Limited

Our irrigation products are suited for tropical and subtropical zones. We pride ourselves in the consistency of our quality in both material supply and service provision. As Kenya’s fastest-growing irrigation company, Grekkon Limited has established itself as a home of quality and value. No wonder that in the just-concluded Agribusiness Excellence Awards 2019, Kenyan farmers spoke out loud. They voted us THE MOST PREFERRED IRRIGATION SYSTEMS COMPANY OF THE YEAR.

We custom make complete irrigation systems for smallholder farmers as well as and large scale commercial growers. From kitchen gardens to large industrial farming estates, our irrigation products range has everything for everyone.

Our irrigation systems consist of

  1.  Pipes; HDPE, PVC., delivery pipes and suction pipes. They are sized as 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 90mm, 110mm. The pressure rating options are PN6, PN8 and PN10
  2. Fittings to HDPE and PVC pipes. Ball valves, misters, elbows, tees, adaptors, connectors, sockets, reducing bushes and end caps in the sizes above
  3. Drip tapes; 1,000M long, 0.4mm thick, 16mm diameter. Each has single or double emitter spacing options of 15cm, 20cm and 30cm
  4. Fittings to drip tapes.  Rubbers, starters, offtakes, drip to drip connectors, and end caps. Others are; tees, elbows, end lines, end plugs, and mini valves
  5. Filters. Disc and screen filters sized as 3/4′, 1′ 1-1/4′, 1-1/2′, 2′ and 3′
  6.  Saddle clamps sized as 3/4′, 1′ 1-1/4′, 1-1/2′, 2′ and 3′
  7.  Sprinkles; Rain gun, pop up and impact sized as 3/4′, 1′, 1-1/2′, 2′ and 2.5′

Before any irrigation system installation, we conduct a physical or satellite assisted farm survey to develop a precise material bill of quantities. This way, we customise every project to the farm requirement and crop to be established. Our agronomy team offers free crop husbandry training for new farmers over the next four months.