Grekkon Limited is a large irrigation equipment supplier company in Kenya. The company was voted in 2019 by farmers as the best irrigation systems company in Kenya, to win the prestigious Agribusiness Excellence Award 2019. This anchored us among the top irrigation companies in Kenya. Grekkon Limited won the award in recognition of its training to smallholder irrigation farmers in Africa on;

  • How to choose the right irrigation system
  • On what are the most efficient ways to irrigate crops
  • And answering commonly asked questions such as; what do you need for drip irrigation?


A bumper harvest of potato grown under a drip irrigation system installed by Grekkon Limited in Aldai area, Nandi county

What we offer

Our irrigation systems in Kenya are; drip kits, rain hose systems, rain gun sprinklers, impact sprinklers, and pop-up sprinklers. We supply and install various types of irrigation equipment. This is according to; crop type, topography, available water, location, and client’s budget. Our broad range of accessories, equipment, and systems covers; farms, greenhouses, lawns, and golf courses. Our irrigation pipes for sale support overhead systems, drip systems equipment, and rain hose kits. They are diverse in each category to meet specific crop and grower demands.



Our vegetable drip kit is designed according to the crop. Watermelons that are sparsely spaced have 1 drip line per bed, tomato, cabbage, pepper have 2 drip lines per bed and closely spaced crops like onion, garlic, strawberry, herbs have 3 drip lines per bed. Crop spacing determines the emitter spacing used on the drip line. Grekkon Limited’s drip kits have a flow rate of 1.5 liters to 2 liters per hour, are 0.4mm thick, and 16mm in diameter. We have an option of single or double emitters on each drip irrigation equipment. The former for low water gravity flow, the latter for high-pressure machine pumped water flow.


Button drip irrigation is for biannual and perennial crops that are sparsely spaced. Orchards, forestry, parks, and hedges are watered using this system. We install both adjustable and none adjustable button drippers with flow rates of up to 70 liters per hour.



Rain gun sprinklers are high pressure, high volume water sprinklers for diverse crops. We supply them as 1”, 1.5″, 2″, and 2.5″ brass and steel units with a lifetime of 50 years. Before installing any rain gun sprinkler, we assist the grower in determining his/ her water sufficiency and supplying the appropriate pump to power the sprinkler unit.


Our plastic or brass sprinklers work under low gravity and high pressure water flow. Water discharge rate, optimum working pressure and spray radius is determined by the nozzle size, for which we have; 1/2″, 3/4” and 1″.


Pop-up sprinklers are set below ground level to water lawns and golf courses. As the name suggests, they are pushed up by water under high pressure and rotate 360 degrees for over a timed period. Grekkon Limited’s pop up sprinklers are available as; 1/2″ and 3/4″.



Rain Hose is a high-pressure irrigation system with nanotechnology. It is a flexible HDPE hose with a pattern of sequential holes punctured along its width. Nanotechnology puncturing provides uniformity of emission. It works well in crop nurseries, low-lying vegetable crops, and in crops that cannot be drip irrigated such as carrot.



1.What is the main function of irrigation?

To provide water to crops during periods of insufficient rainfall. Also, to grow crops in places where there is no rainfall at all such as greenhouses

2. What are the three main types of irrigation?

2.1. Overhead: This is when the crop is watered from above. Besides irrigating the crop, it raises humidity which is important in crop pests and diseases management. However, it has high water losses as a result of evaporation. It is water inefficient because excess water is applied. Irrigation is done on places without beds such as paths. This encourages weed growth, which increases the farm’s operational costs.  Examples of overhead irrigation are; sprinkler systems, pivot irrigation and the rain hose irrigation

2.2. Surface: This is when water is provided directly at the base of the plant. Examples are; basin, furrow, and drip irrigation. Basin and furrow irrigation are the least expensive methods because the capital outlay is minimal. But like overhead irrigation, they are water inefficient, with high evaporation rates. They also cause heavy leaching of minerals. Drip irrigation is water efficient, but is expensive to install

2.3. Sub-surface. This is the use of underground pipes to deliver water directly to the roots beneath. It is the most water efficient method of irrigation with zero evaporation losses, and also because it delivers water exactly where it is needed. It is the most expensive irrigation method to install

3. What are the four types of irrigation systems by Grekkon Limited?

3.1. Sprinkler/ overhead irrigation; rain gun sprinklers for high volume discharge, impact sprinklers, butterfly sprinklers for small gardens, meganet sprinklers, and pop up sprinklers for lawns, gardens, courts and stadiums

3.2. Rain hose irrigation systems for multiple uses

3.3. Drip irrigation for vegetable crops, and button drip irrigation for trees


Irrigation in Kenya by Grekkon Limited

A 1″ rain gun sprinkler installed by Grekkon Limited in Sagana area, Murang’a county irrigating pasture

4. What is the cost of drip irrigation per acre?

It depends on the crop type. From Kes 55,000 for fruits to Kes 145,000 for densely populated crops like onion

5. How many drip lines per acre?

This is determined by the crop type. The smaller it is, the higher the number of drip lines

Onion, garlic, strawberry will have 3 drip lines per bed. Cabbage, capsicums, tomato, potato will have 2 drip rows per bed. Water melon, butternut will have one drip line per bed

6. How much is a sprinkler system for 1 acre in Kenya?

The cost of a sprinkler system in Kenya is from Kes 60,000 per acre

7. What is the best irrigation system in Kenya?

For water use efficiency, drip irrigation is the best, but the most costly to install

8. Which irrigation type is most affordable?

Basin or furrow flood irrigation is the cheapest and oldest irrigation method. However, it requires voluminous amounts of water

9. How many liters of water can irrigate 1 acre?

We recommend a minimum of 16,000 litres for dry land per irrigation session. This amount will decrease as consistent irrigation is undertaken

10. What irrigation is expensive?

Sub-surface drip irrigation is the most expensive irrigation system. It requires special emitters that work underground, and specialised installation equipment


Comments (84)

  • Do you sell cooling system pad unit for greenhouse?

    Bonface Gichuru
    • Good evening Bonface,

      No we don’t

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • Good afternoon
    Im looking for a quotation and advice on the following:

    1. I want to establish a shade net greenhouse of 1 acre in pangani, Tanzania for cultivating tomatoes and lettuce.
    A. What percentage shade net do i need?
    B. Do i require sides as well or is the roof alone sufficient?
    C. Cost of your recommended shade net

    2. Is drip irrigation the best option for the above-mentioned 1 acre shade net greenhouse?
    If so what is the cost of the drip irrigation system.

    If not, what is the better option and price?

    3. Do you sell tomato, cherry tomato and lettuce seeds?
    Thank you

    Stephen Gonah
    • Good afternoon Stephen,

      The best whade net for your lettuce growing is 55%. It is ok to have it on top if the objective is to reduce evaporation. However, if you want to keep away insects, you’ll have the insect net on the sides

      The drip irrigation kit cost is from Kes 150,000 / $1,000

      We don’t supply seeds

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

      • Thanks for your reply. My second question on irrigation was unanswered

        what is the cost of the drip irrigation system for a 1 acre greenhouse.

        • Good morning Stephen,

          We answered this question and gave you the price in both Kes and USD

          Best regards,
          Customer Service

  • The article provides valuable information about the design and applications of their vegetable drip kit, including details about emitter spacing and flow rates. It also mentions the use of button drippers for specific crops.

  • Hi am patrick interested in irrigation
    Have how much does it cost to do overhead irrigation on a 1 acre land I have a water pump, water tank and gravity on my favour

    • Good morning Patrick,

      Your overhead or sprinkler irrigation system is from Kes 65,000 an acre

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • I have 50 acres in Taveta. My borehole is 67m deep. Almost flat farm—slight incline. I am growing maize seed. I need a solar operated system. What do you have and what costs should I think about?

    Robert MWADIME
  • I have a one-acre land and is on a stip slop in Kakamega along river Yala and I would like suggestions on the best type of irrigation system and a suggested pump as I was planning on using the river water to irrigate the farm
    am planting involved in hoticulture

    christian kwaya
    • Good morning Christian,

      The choice of your irrigation system is determined by the crop type and your budget. For the water puump, we’ll offer you a high pressure diesel, petrol or electric (according to your budget)

      Please email us your phone contact details for us to reach you or visit our Eldoret office (0711 895 635)

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • Good evening,
    I need Rain horse system for half an acre to be powered by solar. The distance from the farm to water source is 15M. Farm is located in Bomet.Give the quotations. Thanks.

    • Good afternoon Hillary,

      For your solar water pump powered half acre rain hose irrigation kit price quote, please share with us the vertical height of the slope

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • Hello Grekkon, Do you charge for a visit to access the kit that one needs? And if you do, how much do you charge?

    • Good morning Dorothy,

      Yes we do for a first time client. But if you have been served previously by the company, it is a free service.

      The cost has been shared on email

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

  • I am in need of a water tower, submersible water pump, and solar system, irrigation system for 2 acres of Wambugu apples 3X3 spacing. My borehole is 120M deep with a capacity of 3000 liters per hour. How much will that cost me?

    • Good evening Dorothy,

      We will share your 2 acres drip irrigation kit cost quote on email. Please email us your hydrogeological survey report

      Best regards,
      Customer Service

      • Admin, I’m still waiting for your email.

        • Good morning Dorothy,

          Our commercial team has responded. Please check in your spam folder too

          Best regards,
          Customer Service

  • When is is preferable to use rain irrigation instead if sprinklers?
    What is is optimal spacing between the rain lines in the field?


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