Irrigation Systems In Kenya

Grekkon Limited provides 3 types of irrigation systems in Kenya to farmers; from smallholder to large scale producers.

Irrigation systems in Kenya

1. Drip irrigation systems in Kenya

This is irrigation through a pre-perforated 16mm diameter, 0.3mm or 0.4mm thick pipe. It is the most popular of all irrigation systems supplied by the company.  It is also the most expensive at the time of installation. Drip irrigation conserves water because the emitters only water the root base of the plant. Grekkon Limited is credited as the pioneer of double emitter drip pipes in Kenya. Each roll has an emitter spacing of; 15cm, or 20cm, or 30cm. Double emitter drip pipes have the following advantages over the previous single emitters.

  •  faster wetting
  • less clogging
  • If one emitter is blocked, the other continues to irrigate

Drip Irrigation system prices

Size in Meters Square
Price in KES
Kadogo drip kit 50 to 200 KES 3,500
1/8th acre 506 KES 17,500
1/4 acre 1,024 KES 33,000
1/2 acre 2,025 KES 65,000
3/4 acre 3,036 KES 80,000
          1 acre       
  KES 135,000



2. Sprinkler irrigation systems in Kenya

This is watering through overhead irrigation. Grekkon Limited’s sprinkler irrigation systems are categorised as;

2.1. Rain gun sprinklers

They are a new generation of heavy duty plastic, and metallic sprinklers. They discharge large volumes of water, operate under high pressure, and irrigate in a short period of time. Below are rain gun sprinklers prices by type and size

2.1.1. The 1’’ inlet diameter. Spray diameter 20M. Flow rate 4-5 cubic per hour.  Price Kes 6,500


2.1.2. Tabulation of the 1.5’’ inlet diameter. Spray diameter 30M to 45M. Flow rate 7-8 cubic litres/ hour

Rain gun Type Price in KES
Plastic KES 5,000
PY 30 metallic KES 13,500
RM metallic KES 15,000
Flange metallic KES 35,000


2.1.3. Tabulation of the 2’’ inlet diameter. Spray diameter 40M to 60M. Flow rate 14-15 cubic litres/ hour

Rain gun Type Price in KES
PY metallic KES 14,500
RM metallic KES 17,000
Flange metallic KES 60,000


2.1.4. The 2.5’’. Spray diameter 50M. Flow rate 23-25 cubic litres/ hour

  • Kes 16,000 for the PY 5o type


2.2. Impact sprinklers

They are small plastic sprinklers for small gardens with inlet pipe sizes of 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1″. They have a shorter spray radius, and work under gravity water flow. Below are impact sprinklers prices

Inlet Diameter Size
Price in KES
1/2″ KES 450
3/4″ KES 750
1″ KES 1,250


2.3. Pop up sprinklers

These are lawn irrigation sprinklers that are installed in the ground. They work by rising up from the ground to irrigate in a circular manner. Pop up sprinklers work under high pressure. Below are pop up sprinklers prices by size

  1.  Kes 2,750 for the 1/2″ inlet diameter
  2. Kes 3,750 for the 3/4″ inlet diameter

2.4. Other sprinklers are

2.4.1. Meganet sprinklers

2.4.2. Butterfly sprinklers

2.4.3. Sprinkler jet micro sprinkler


3. Rain hose irrigation systems in Kenya

Pioneered by Grekkon Limited i Kenya, the rain hose kit is a new generation irrigation system. It works by water through nano-technology punctured holes on a lay-flat tube. The tube is 0.5mm in thickness, with diameter ranging as; 32mm, 40mm, and 50mm.

Below are rain hose kit prices

Diameter size
Price in KES
32mm or 1″ KES 3,500
40mm or 1-1/4” KES 4,500
50mm to 1-1/2″ KES 5,500


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