A brass impact sprinkler at work. Such sprinkler systems are don eby Grekkon Limited


This is the application of water to the crops from above through a network of pipes. It is also commonly known as overhead irrigation. Since its inception, Grekkon Limited has supplied quality and affordable sprinkler irrigation systems in Kenya. Our sprinklers are designed specifically for the African tropical climate, to last for many years. They can work under gravity or the small booster pumps


We have a choice of both a metallic and plastic impact sprinkler available as ¾’’ and ½’’ size. The metallic ¾’’ and ½’’ type is better under high pressure, such as when one is using a high pressure pump. The plastic versions serve low pressure regimes, such as when using a low pressure pump or gravity. Pressure ranges from 2-5 bar or 20M to 40M depending on size and type.

Our impact sprinklers irrigate sizeable portions of land, up to 17M diameter within a short period- within 25 minutes, saving you time, energy and cost.

Other than vegetable crop irrigation, our impact sprinklers are widely used to irrigate lawns, broad acre cereal crops, animal pasture land and for dust suppression in construction sites.

What to consider in an impact sprinkler

1. Pressure. Most impact sprinklers work with a pressure rating of 20M to 30M which is 2 to 3 bars.

2. Water flow rate per hour. It is 1,500litres to 3,000 litres depending on the nozzle size.

To know the number of impact sprinklers to use with a given pump, check the pumps pressure rating first. This confirms if the pump will generate sufficient pressure. Secondly, check the flow rate. Divide the pump flow rate by the sprinkler flow rate. This gives you the number of sprinklers that pump will support at a go. For example if the pump’s water flow rate is 21,000 litres per hour, and that of the sprinkler is 3,000 litres per hour, then that pump will support six to seven units.


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