Choosing dam liners in Kenya

A 0.5mm dam liner by Grekkon Limited, the leading supplier of dam liners in Kenya

Choosing dam liners in Kenya

Dam liners in Kenya come in various thicknesses (gauges) and colors. There are many dam liner gauges in Kenya as; 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.75, 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm and so on. Ensure that the dam liner is UV treated. This maintains the dam liner against solar damage for many years. So when choosing a dam liner in Kenya, consider the gauge as

i. Volume of water the liner will support. A 0.3mm gauge dam liner in Kenya will not support half a million cubic liters of water. It will tear for it is thin.

ii. Intended work. During road construction, use a 1mm dam liner as it will withstand corrosive elements better than a  0.5 dam liner in Kenya.



iii. Surface of use. In a small pond holding say 20 cubic liters, use a 0.3mm dam liner. This is true if the surface beneath is smooth. However, where the surface has murram, stones or protruding rocks, then use a tougher dam liner gauge.

iv. Longevity. Thicker dam liners in Kenya will last longer than lesser gauge dam liners.

v. Cost effectiveness. Use the dam liner gauge that is most cost effective considering i-iii above.




Choosing the right dam liner color

Black dam liners in Kenya were originally meant for fish farmers and other aquaculturists. Black dam liners in Kenya absorb heat best, have better algae growth and create an illusion of depth better. For purely irrigation tanks and reservoirs, other colors are fine. These dam liners in other colors must be treated for UV stability. Available dam liner in Kenya are available in other colors. These are; blue, white, brown, green, red, grey and so forth. Choice of color depends on the use. For instance, a swimming pool is likely to have a blue dam liner cover. However, they’re not common.

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    Hi. Do you have blue liners, and if so, in what size and what thickness? If not, what other color other than black?
    Also, how much do they cost?

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