Drip kits
Drip kits
Drip kits by Grekkon Limited for onion

Drip kits

Grekkon Limited’s drip kits in Kenya are designed for smallholder farmers, kitchen gardens and hobby growers. We design each kit to specific parameters which makes them easy to assemble and install, quick to use and efficient in irrigation.

Our drip kits are as below

  1. Kitchen garden kits; 10M x 5M, 10M x 20M and 20M x 30M
  2. One eighth acre kits; 22.5M x 22.5M/ 506M square
  3. Quarter acre kits; 32M x 32M/ 1,024M square
  4. Half acre kits; 45M x 45M/ 2,025M square
  5. One acre kits 63.6M x 63.6M/ 4,048M square

Grekkon drip kits have these accessories;

The diameter size of each accessory is similar to the diameter size of the pipes used. We categorise these accessories and pipes as; 1/2” for kitchen gardens and an eighth of an acre, 3/4” for a quarter and half acre and 1” for an acre

i. Water tank. We provide 250 liter water tanks to kitchen gardens, 500 liter tanks for an eighth of an acre farm, 1,000 liter tank for a quarter acre farm, 5,000 liter tank for a half acre farm and 10,000 liter than for a one acre farm

ii. Water filter. This removes particles and silt to prevent clogging of the drip tape emitters

iii. Tank connector. This connects the pipe to the tank. .

iv. Male and female adaptors. They connect the filter, tank connector and ball valve to each other. Their diameter size depends on the water pipe diameter

v. Elbows. Drives the pipe down from the tank, and also directs it towards the farm. Elbow diameter sizes depend on the diameter size of the water pipe used.

vi. Tee. Used if the tank is place in a mid way location and the water pipe has to be directed in two directions.

vii. Ball valve. Used to regulate water form the tank, and within the farm

viii. Water pipe. This carries irrigation water from the tank to the farm. For quarter acre, half acre and one acre farms, we have a main line which is larger and a smaller sub-main line. This is because the water needed is much more

ix. Drip tape. This delivers water to the crop root zone. Depending on the crop spacing, we provide drip tapes with emitters spaced as 15cm, 20cm and 30cm. The drip tape is 16mm in diameter.

x. Drip accessories. These are off-takes, drip connectors, rubbers and end caps. They are all 16mm in diameter.

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