Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation


If you are looking for the best drip irrigation supplier in Kenya, then look no further than Grekkon Ltd. We are leaders in supply and installation drip irrigation kits that ensure you conserve water while maximizing your yields. Our drip kits are affordable and of top quality.


Drip Irrigation means timely application of water to the plant root zone, thereby saving water, time and energy while maximizing your yield. At Grekkon Ltd – Irrigation Hub, we offer the most affordable open field drip irrigation kits in Kenya with the sole aim of increasing the farmer yield. It is the most efficient system compared with other irrigation systems.


Components of Grekkon Ltd Drip Irrigation Kits

· Water filter

· Main and sub main line

· Control valves

· Driplines and emitters

· Fittings and accessories


Grekkon Ltd drip irrigation kits types in Kenya

· Kadogo drip kits

· Kitchen garden drip kits

· 1/16 Acre Drip Irrigation Kit

· 1/8 Acre Drip Irrigation Kit

· ¼ Acre Drip Irrigation Kit

· ½ Acre Drip Irrigation Kit

· ¾ Acre Drip Irrigation Kit

· 1 Acre Drip Irrigation Kit.


The above kits can either have two, three or four driplines per bed. Crops such as tomatoes, sweetpepper, brassicas prefer two driplines per bed while for onions, we recommend three or four driplines per bed.


Driplines and spacing

We stock high quality 16mm driplines with emmiter spacing of 15cm, 20cm and 30cm with single or double emitter spacing.


Apart from the above drip kits, we make custom made designs based on your farm. For such kind of farms, we will do a survey and give appropriate designs.


Dip Irrigation for fruit trees

How do you irrigate fruit trees?


Drip Irrigation for  avocado, bananas, mangoes, passion fruits. etc and other trees is different from vegetables. This is because their demand for water is high, and they are widely spaced.


Button drippers irrigation system for fruits by Grekkon Ltd offers the best alternative for irrigation your fruit trees. The drippers are put exactly where the crop is, ensuring no wastage of water and nutrients.


Components of Grekkon Ltd fruit tree irrigation system

· Pressure compensating button drippers which deliver uniformity in water application or adjustable button drippers that emit 0-70l/hr

· 16mm hdpe pipes

· Control valve systems

· Pipes

· Filtration system