Drip Irrigation Training

Button drippers in irrigation. An adjustible type

Drip Irrigation Training

Hi good people! It is always amazing to go down to the ground and meet young and old farmers alike, doing amazing things.  Farming certainly ought to be more profitable and enjoyable. A drip irrigation training session is one way for us.

If knowledge is empowerment, then onion farmers in Kiaragana village, Endarasha area of Nyeri county are empowered. A clique of concerned farmers in the area invited Grekkon limited to for a training session. They were weary of manual watering which has been inefficient for them. From our interactive session, the farmers appreciated the benefits of drip irrigation.

Farmers learning about drip irrigation from Grekkon Limited

A drip irrigation training session by Grekkon Limited in Endarasha area, Nyeri county in Kenya. It is tailored for small holder onion farmers.

Small scale commercial farmers need such educative sessions today. This is because drip irrigation adoption is on the rise as it is less laborious, user friendly with better return on yield. Rising water scarcity, unpredictable seasons, reducing acreage are causing expansion of land under drip irrigation.

The excited onion farmers in Endarasha listened carefully during the drip irrigation training session. They were keen to join the growing list of drip irrigation farmers in Kenya. Grekkon Limited later installed a drip irrigation kit on one of the farms. These kits will help conserve more, produce more and improve their lives. This will ultimately change the area.

A Grekkon Limited technician installs drip irrigation kits in Endarasha area, Nyeri county after a farmers' training session

After the drip irrigation training session, Grekkon Limited installs a system

A case for drip irrigation training in Kenya

Knowledge empowerment before adoption of this technology is our priority. As drip irrigation demand spreads to small holder farmers, the need for disseminating this knowledge is key. This will anchor our farmers better to the technology. It will make them more confident in its usage. Drip kits are a solution to escalating irrigation water shortages, and unreliable rainfall.


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    how can i get this jet system set?

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