Drip irrigation kits
Drip irrigation kits
Drip irrigation kits by Grekkon Limited

Drip irrigation kits

Drip irrigation kits

Drip irrigation is a method by which crops are watered through tiny emitters in droplets. Grekkon Limited is instrumental in the penetration of drip irrigation kits technology among the smallholder farmer community in Kenya. Our drip irrigation kits have the following components

i. HDPE pipes. These are either 1-1/2” HDPE pipes for one acre farms, 1-1/4” for 3/4 acre farms and 1” for less acreage. There is a main line and a sub main line. the main line is always larger in diameter. For example, in a 1 acre farm, the main lin is 1-1/2”, and the sub main line is 1-1/4” in diameter. HDPE pipes can either be surface placed or buried beneath.

ii. HDPE fittings. These are adaptors, connectors, tees, elbows and end caps.

iii. Water filter. It will be a screen filter for water on gravity flow, and  a disc filter for direct machine pumping.

iv. Saddle clamps

v. Gate valves

vi. Drip tapes. This will be for vegetable crops

vii. 16mm HDPE pipe. This will be for orchards, hedges and some landscaping pieces. Button drippers will be attached to the HDPE pipe to emit water to the crop.

viii. Drip fittings. These are rubbers, offtakes, starter connectors, drip connectors and end caps

ix. A tank connector- for gravity water flow from a tank.


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