Geomembranes This Season

Geomembranes are welded even on site

Geomembranes This Season

Rainfall scarcity? No worries.

With the changing weather patterns, water harvesting and storage is slowly becoming a reality.  Geomembranes offer a simple way to provide waterproofing of dams and ponds where the soil type is not ideal for water storage, providing the waterproofing required. Harvested water can thus be used at a later date, for irrigation, animal or for domestic use.

Storage by use of dams or ponds requires the very best liner materials to prevent leakage from the reservoir into the ground. Luckily, Grekkon Limited geomembranes offer long life for a multitude of different applications. Our high quality geomembranes made from reinforced polyethylene that can prevent seepage for more than 10 years if well installed.

Geomembranes require materials of high resistance to abrasion or puncturing, and high UV resistance. You would want it to fit seamlessly the size of your project, and pocket friendly.

Below are some of the factors to consider when buying geomebranes:

  • Type of material,
  • Thickness,
  • Size of the dam and features. Always get the right dimensions of the dam before purchasing.

Common Dam liner types in Kenya

The table below shows common geomebranes available at Grekkon Limited

  300 microns (0.3mm) Thick 500 microns (0.5mm) Thick 800 microns (0.8mm) Thick 1,000 microns (1mm ) Thick
Use and Recommendation For use where there are no sharp objects and a sandy soil base. Applicable for small dams or ponds. For use where there are no sharp objects. Used for medium dams. Fine for large projects Mainly for large projects
Dimensions Lengths of upto 100m and widths of upto 12m. Can be welded together. Lengths of upto 100m and widths of upto 8m. Can be welded together. Lengths of upto 100m and widths of upto 8m. Can be welded together. Lengths of upto 100m and widths of upto 8m. Can be welded together.
Lifespan 5-10 years 10-15 years 25-30 years 35-40 years
Colour Black for all
UV Stabilised All geomebranes are UV treated for longevity

Site preparation

Site preparation is key to a successful geombrane installation.. It is always advisable to excavate the dam in a slanting manner to prevent the sides from collapsing.  Firstly, before installation, the bed surface must be free of stones and sharp objects to prevent liner puncturing. The geomembrane should be lose and not tight to prevent water from rupturing it.

Next Steps?

Are you ready t take advantage of geomembranes and have an endless cycle of water? The geomembranes are available at our   Nairobi, Eldoret and Nyeri stores.


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  • susan ndanu
    Posted at 08:05h, 13 June Reply

    am susan,need a liner for a ditch 2*6*8m whats the price

    • grekkon
      Posted at 11:14h, 17 June Reply

      Hello Susan,

      Thank you for your enquiry. Your 0.5mm liner will be 14M x 12M= 168M sq @ Kes 195/M sq= Kes 32,760. An additional Kes 25/M sq x 168M sq= Kes 4,200 will apply for welding and installation. Please share your contact or call us; Nairobi 0715 157 132, Eldoret 0711 895 635 and Nyeri 0735 962 626.


      Grekkon Limited

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