Dam Liner Welding

Dam liner welding on site

Dam Liner Welding

When looking for quality geomembrane in Kenya, Grekkon Limited is your first stop. We are number one in supply and dam liner welding service. This is both for water conservation reservoirs and as fish pond liners in aquaculture. Our liners are most reputable because they last for many decades.

For crop farmers, having a dam liner ensures they harvest and store water to irrigate their farms after the rains. This thus guarantees them continuous income supply.

Why use Grekkon Limited dam liners welding service?

We supply UV treated, HDPE, water proof liners manufactured from virgin materials. It is these properties that ensure longevity on our dam liners, providing life span of over 30 years for the thickest gauge.  Other than in instances of mechanical damage to the liner, our dam liner welding service ensures liners have zero water leakage.

Other uses of Dam liners in Kenya

  • Fish pond lining
  • Silage making
  • Hydroponics agriculture
  • Multi storey gardening
  • Repairing leaking underground and above tanks
  • Repair leaking concrete roofs
  • As gutters

Dam liner welding service is available for these geomembranes

0.3mm (300 microns)

  • It is used for light projects; up to 200m sq area
  • On a smooth surface without murram or stones.
  • Can be welded to fit the size of your pond

0.5mm (500 microns)

  • Is used for medium sized projects; from 200M sq to 1,000M sq area
  • Works on a lightly rough surface, like one with some murram

0.8mm (800 microns) Liners

  • Great for medium to large projects; from 200M sq to any size
  • Can withstand rough surfaces; stony or rocky

1mm (1,000 microns) Liners

  • Recommended for large projects; from 1,000M sq to any size
  • Can withstand rough surfaces; stony or rocky

Factory and manual welding service

Grekkon Limited’s factory dam liner welding services supplies clients with custom made widths. Where the liner is too heavy to be loaded and off loaded with ease, we use the hot wedge welder or hot edge welding machines for dam liner welding on site during installation. This is carried on manually. From Kes 25 per square meter for factory welding and on site installation, our service price is largely affordable.

Our dam liner welding is done to gently fit the liner comfortably in your pond. Every welded joint, whether factory or manual is tight and leak free for the entire lifespan of the liner.


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