Discover how to use button drippers

Button drippers irrigation

Discover how to use button drippers

What are button drippers?

Button drippers in irrigation systems used in Kenya emit water at specific rates. This is zero to seventy liters per hour. They’re meant to water individual plants and are color coded for ease of flow rate identification. There are two types

  1. Pressure compensating drippers. They deliver a similar amount of water to every plant irrespective of pressure changes along the line. Pressure compensating drippers ensure evenness of growth for trees.
  2. Adjustable drippers which allow you to alter the flow volume by turning the dripper cap. With these type, you determine how much water your tree receives.

Button drippers are also available in the various patterns water exits the dripper.

i. Some adjustable drippers emit water in several small individual streams. This is to a diameter of about half a foot, spread out 360 degrees

ii. Typical none adjustable drippers just drip water from the end

iii. A vortex dripper produces a gentle umbrella pattern that waters rapidly


Why use button drippers in irrigation systems?

This is Ol Tepesi area, along Magadi road in Kajiado county, Kenya. This farmer planted his pawpaw crop using ordinary drip tape- those pre-perforated types used on vegetables. Note the unevenness of the pawpaw trees.



 Irrigating using pressure compensated button drippers provides uniformity of irrigation. This is irrespective of changes to pressure along the length of the pipe. The button drippers are placed individually on every tree as the farmer’s determines. Irrigation water flows systematically to each tree along the line.

Contrast below with the banana tree crop below. Here, the farmer, through Grekkon Limited has installed button drippers.

A uniform young banana crop under button drippers irrigation system by Grekkon Limited.

A uniform young banana crop under button drippers system by Grekkon Limited.


A properly installed button dripper system saves you money. It ensures evenness of growth with better water utilization.

Grekkon Limited is your expert partner in button dripper systems


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