Best Pop up Sprinkler

Pop up sprinklers

Best Pop up Sprinkler

A Pop up sprinkler is a natural choice for lawn irrigation. As more and more Kenyans have continued to invest home ownership, having a lawn just outside of the house spruces up home environment. A Pop up sprinkler as the name suggests is one that shows out of the ground when water flow is acknowledged. Grekkon Limited supplies Rain Bird pop up sprinklers in Kenya. They are ideal for lawns both at home, in public parks and golf courses. Our Pop up sprinklers are available as ½’, ¾’, 1’ , 1.5’ and 2’.

How a Pop up sprinkler works

An underground piping system is laid out making the system invisible. Once the system is turned on, the pop sprinklers rise above the ground and irrigate the lawn. A certain pressure has to be attained. Once irrigation is complete, they go back to their original position below the ground.

Benefits of a Pop up Sprinkler

  1. Hidden Sprayer Heads

Pop up sprinklers irrigation systems feature hidden heads that pop up when the timer turns the system on, and then retracts when the automation tell it to turn off. Above ground pipes and hoses are eliminated, meaning all you can see is the sprinklers when they’re working.

  1. Limited maintenance

Pop up sprinkler irrigation systems require far less maintenance than other types of watering systems. Once set up they are virtually maintenance free if used regularly and should last many years without fail.

  1. Automation options

Pop up sprinklers work on automatic timers which can be set up to work at optima times during the day, as well as distributing the right amount of water to the desired area of your lawn.

They can be connected to rainwater harvesting systems to create a conservation- minded approach. Pop up sprinklers are usable under most circumstances and can be installed into almost any lawn.


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  • Michael kisangi wambua
    Posted at 15:27h, 11 August Reply

    Looking for a small sprinkler irrigation for my small farm area is 30mtrs by 25mtrs and I want to plant vegetables wat canu offer me

    • grekkon
      Posted at 14:29h, 10 September Reply

      Hello Michael,

      Thank you for your inquiry. We can offer you a 3/4′ an impact sprinkler for that area. It has an irrigation diameter of 15M. You will need 4 pieces to cover that area best. Each piece is Kes 1,250. If you need installation service, we are able to do it for you.



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