Agricultural Pest Nets – What are they?
Agricultural Pest Nets – What are they?
Agricultural pest nets

Agricultural Pest Nets – What are they?

Agricultural pest nets protect your crops against all insects, birds and mammalian pests. Grekkon Limited’s insect and bird nets have the following features.

  1. Are UV treated (ultra violet rays radiations blocking treatment). This is to keep away the harmful reflects of UV rays on crops, and to prevent quick degradation of the net as a result. The net has a usable lifespan of 6 years.
  2. Insect nets are white in color to provide a high reflective, insect repelling surface.
  3. They come in two different pore sizes, 0.4mm and 0.9mm. The former keeps away the tiniest of insects such as whiteflies, which the latter pore size may not. 0.4mm pore size agricultural insect nets are useful for crops that are economically affected by such insects. Examples are; tomato and sweet pepper. 0.9mm is effective in crops like herbs or tree crops which whiteflies do not prey on. The 0.4mm net is 20% more expensive than the 0.9mm.
  4. It has 2 widths; three meters and five point five meters from which growers choose according to their project.
  5. Bird nets are UV treated, are green in colour and come in a width of 4 meters

Where to use them

  1. Agricultural insect and bird nets are used as side netting in greenhouse structures to prevent insect pest entry.
  2. In Grekkon Limited’s natural solar dryers, insect nets are used to cover the air flow vents and also as a component of the shelf. On the shelf, to support drying of small gains such a rice without them dropping off.
  3. As a side netting for shade houses- similar to how it is used on a greenhouse.
  4. To cover a fish pond. This is used as a safety measure for children and pests in a fish pond or small to medium sized water reservoir.

We train famers on the proper installation of these nets to avoid damage and tearing. This reduces the net’s overall lifespan.

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