Knowing your seedling trays

Black PVC Seedling trays by Grekkon Limited

Knowing your seedling trays

Why use seedling trays?

Grekkon Limited’s seedling trays are supplied as black PVC types. They have different cell sizes and numbers to use with various seedling types or activity such as silk worm rearing. Seedling trays are easy to use, carry around and they make transplanting easy. The choice of tray to use depends on the target crop type. For example, a fruit farmer will prefer a 28 or 50 hole tray because the holes are bigger, while an onion grower is likely to use a 288 hole tray which has much smaller cells. Seedling trays are used for other activities such as silk rearing. A 28 hole tray is ideal for this.

Pepper seedling crop in cells within black PVC seedling trays

Seedling tray media

Coco peat, vermiculite and peat moss are commonly used as planting media in seedling tray nurseries. They’re sanitised of diseases and pests allowing healthy seedling development. The planting media must be well cleaned before use in the seedling tray. This is because some of it such as coco peat may have high salt levels which will stunt seedlings growth. It is good practise to add some fertiliser such as calcium nitrate  to boost nutrition.

Seedling Tray Re-use

The media is watered when dry to provide moisture for the  growing seedlings. It is perforated at the bottom to allow for excess water drainage and root aeration. The seedling tray must be raised above the ground slightly for proper aeration. A seedling tray will be recycled to be used for at least 5 years if not damaged. It must be sanitised against pests and diseases before use. The number of trays used depends on the target plant population. Handling of the seedling tray is done carefully to prevent breakages and cracking. Black PVC seedling trays retain warmth which is necessary for proper seedling growth.

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