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About Grekkon Limited – The Kenyan Irrigation Hub

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All About us: Irrigation & Water Harvesting

Everything about us focuses on offering irrigation technologies and water harvesting solutions. We are your to-go shop when you need that borehole drilled. Sooner, your borehole comes out complete with our solar or electric submersible pump installed. If you are looking to irrigate with that borehole water, again, that’s about us. Grekkon Limited will set up your irrigation system to your open field or greenhouse crop. A greenhouse structure we will have built for you according to your specification. Perhaps you are by a river, lake or scheme supplied water. We will supply and connect that petrol, diesel, solar or electric surface pump to deliver that irrigation water to your farm. This could be to directly power your sprinkler irrigation system or to feed your irrigation water storage tanks, or reservoir.


Since its inception in 2013, Grekkon Limited has expanded to provide necessary complementary products and services to its clients. In our diversification phase, farmers confidently whisper in delight, ‘it’s all about us!.’ This is because we answer their needs beyond our core business. We cater to the needs of the smallholder and large commercial farmers in our B to B to C model. Our work with other agri-business entities is our B to B format. Presently, we are working with government institutions.

We build value and follow our farmers to measure the value they derive from our installed irrigation systems. Our focus lies on building value and quality to all our farmers’ yield.

All about us; value addition

An example is our natural solar dryers which are improving farmers lives. They dry their produce hygienically, professionally. This is at five to six times faster than they did in open-air drying. Grekkon Limited’s dryers provide them an opportunity to supply quality dried foods. The foods are accepted in every retail outlet in Kenya. No wonder, these farmers have in every way said ‘Grekkon Limited is all about us.’

Grekkon Limited

Grekkon Limited

The Kenyan Irrigation Hub
Our Vision

To be a reliable source of Agricultural technologies in Africa.

Our Mission

To work with growers to create long-lasting Agricultural solutions.

Our Scope of Work

To work with growers to create long-lasting Agricultural solutions.

Our Products & Services

  • Drip Irrigation Systems
  • Overhead Irrigation Systems e.g Pop up sprinklers, Impact sprinklers, Rain Gun e.t.c
  • Greenhouse Installation – Wooden and Metallic
  • Spray and Fogging systems
  • Propagation systems – seedling trays, pots, troughs and growing media
  • Water storage- Dam construction and lining, Agricultural and residential water pumps
  • Nets – Shade Net, Insect nets, birds nets and net houses.
  • Greenhouse polythene sheets

  • Water Pumps – Water Tanks
  • Growing Media (Cocoa Peat)
  • Planting trays and pots
  • Fertilizer supplies and recommendations
  • Water Harvesting Solutions – Dam liners
  • Plastic Mulch
  • Lawn Mowers
  • Agricultural consultancy
  • Borehole Drilling services